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  1. nozobo

    Not new to Alldeaf but

    Remember me? I must have fart brain
  2. nozobo

    Not new to Alldeaf but

    Yup and unforunately I dont have access to old email account and couldnt log in so I contacted the Admin with no response so in turn I created new one
  3. nozobo

    Not new to Alldeaf but

    Hi gangs, I'm not new to Alldeaf but gone for awhile... *cough* probably pretty long time... my former username here was Nozobo I believe but I couldn't get into that username as it might be removed or something... But I'm here now so Nozobo's :bump:
  4. nozobo

    How many people here are NOT deaf?

    I'm NOT hearing
  5. nozobo

    More Viable Representatives needed...

    If you know anybody in NC, SC, FL, MO, MN, AZ, NJ, OR, IL, IO, OK, WY, WI, MI or you would like to become a representative for Viable please feel free to submit a resume to and CC to Click on - Job Opportunities under Representative I'm a...
  6. nozobo

    Yelp! Can anyone help?

    I'm using my Blackberry to view this AllDeaf, I know I have not come in here very much but I've been very busy with my two jobs with one of them being Colorado Viable Representative. Anyway, I didn't have time to search for a specific thread but can anyone point me to a thread where I can...
  7. nozobo

    who use VPAD?

    When did the Viable Sales told you that? If it was few weeks ago, you probably could check back again sooner. Because one day I was asking when will VPAD+ comes out, they can't give a guarantee date but mentioned soon, then the next day they announced VPAD+ is ready for ordering. So Viable don't...
  8. nozobo

    who use VPAD?

    You're right... If anyone still has VPAD, you can still can purchase a WiFi to connect to your VPAD but the problems is when you go to hotspot areas such like Starbucks, when connecting to WiFi, the first thing that will pop up in web browser is a login to use their WiFi service which mean you...
  9. nozobo

    who use VPAD?

    You're right but Life isn't free for everything... SVP is good for home location but what if you're not home and need to make a call outside of your home? VPAD+ is there for your needs. I personally had used the VPAD+ that included WiFi and I called my partner thru VPAD+ from my car and it was...
  10. nozobo

    Post your gas prices

    woohoo for my car Dodge Magnum requires unleaded plus not reg and it's 2.89 and still going down!
  11. nozobo

    New here! Fresh meat for the taking

    Welcome to AD! watch out guys... u need to clean up your drools!
  12. nozobo

    VPAD: I know, but...

    try the new MVP, Mobile Videophone, from HOVRS :D
  13. nozobo

    Is anyone going to NSAD in Colorado??

    After the NSAD event is over, people are planning to head to Dave & Buster for RMDHH, Rocky Mountain Deaf Happy Hour, after 5pm... here's the infos! Rocky Mountain Deaf Happy Hour When: August 2, 2008, Saturday Time: After NSAD game or 5pm to 2am Where: Dave & Buster...
  14. nozobo

    Motorcycle Helmet

    Aren't you gonna hear all static noise using HA while riding motorcycle?
  15. nozobo

    Obama vs McCain: Race for Ultimate President!

    Was discussing with several of my friends couple days ago... We wouldn't be surprised there would be a Rally on Ku Klux Klan (KKK the white racist group) going after Obama...
  16. nozobo

    SnapVRS and Ojo VP

    Recently got Ojo in the mail yesterday... Been fooling around with it a bit... Anyone got Ojo that want to swap around or know of a Ojo list?
  17. nozobo

    Is it time to drive 55 again?

    I live right outside of the city and i don't have to complain abt driving 55 mph cuz where i live is only up to 30 mph speed limit... Ofc many drivers around here goes 40 to 45 mph unless see cops. My cute Chevy Aveo small 4 door sedan is able to go over 100 mph but i usually go 85 mph oh...
  18. nozobo

    Deaf Driver

    all I see is blank screen
  19. nozobo

    Who are you tired of seeing on TV? and Who's annoying?

    Look who voted California Governor... Arnold Schwarzenegger
  20. nozobo

    Who are you tired of seeing on TV? and Who's annoying?

    They do show men's stuff... look at "Smilin' Bob" advertisement on viagra :giggle: