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  1. Isabells.r14

    Can anyone relate??

    Conversation between my sister Morgan and I : Morgan - (says somthing but I don’t know what) Me - what? Morgan - *scoffs* Nevermind. Me - no, tell me what you said. Morgan - *begins ranting on how sick and tired she is of me and asking her to repeat herself* Does this happen to anyone else? No...
  2. Isabells.r14

    Sparks or Reno Nevada events ?

    Anyone doing any events near here? I’d love to know. Or any teens who want to talk?
  3. Isabells.r14

    High school

    Hi I am a high school student in Nevada and I was wondering if anyone has any tips for someone who is hard of hearing. I’m trying to learn ASL but it’s difficult when I don’t have anyone who is interested to learn as well. Anyone in the Spanish Springs area that is learning as well?
  4. Isabells.r14

    Introduce yourself !!

    Hey ! My name is Bella and I’m fourteen years old. I’ve had my hearing aids since I was seven and my hearing is slowly decreasing throughout the years. It’s been difficult transitioning from being homeschooled in middle school to public high school since I can hardly hear people talking to me...