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    SEE vs ASL

    Here's a hot topic I'm sure I may end up banned from this site as well this post being censored or deleted but I don't care anymore I'm done with "Deaf Culture" I have no respect for that culture anymore due to the massive prejudice and inner-culture racism. Its offical ASL is a social...
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    CI vs HA and speech Rehab

    What would be the best route for me to go to get speech theraphy? I have 98/97 loss with no speech recong at all and rock a Naida S ix UP my old speech therapist said she would provide the theraphy at no cost if I'd get the CI which I'm in the process of setting up an appointment to see if I'm a...
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    Any tinkers and modders around here?

    Just feeling out and curious to see if theres anyone here that likes getting into stuff and disassembling equipment and modifing to suit their tastes and needs like video game consoles or even modems and cable boxes? My newest project is building a all in one programmer for HAs like the phonaks...
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    Hello from BFE, TN!!!!

    Nice site! Was just browsing and googlin' for something not sure but I found this site! Intresting!!!!! :-) Went out to TSD for like a couple years then went back to mainstream schools as I didn't really like it out there at TSD nor agree with most of the stuff the teachers were pushing...