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  1. Sahara4Ever

    Anyone experienced cros or bicross hearing aids?

    Has anyone experienced Cros or BiCros Hearing Aids? What are your general feelings about it? Did it make a difference in your hearing I know there are only a few brands (ie Phonak) who make them. Which brands are a good value? They are quite expensive Is it worth it for single sided hearing...
  2. Sahara4Ever

    Allergies worsen deafness?

    I don't know anyone who is deaf so I am so glad I joined this forum upon my bf's recommendations. I've been experiencing a pretty bad allergy season. I went to the audiologist and she said I have high freq hearing loss in my good ear. I am 100% deaf in my left ear. Can this be caused by...
  3. Sahara4Ever


    I have profound unilateral deafness and high frequency hearing loss in the other ear. My left ear has zero hearing and is more ornamental. I am a bit scared about the high frequency hearing loss and met a wonderful woman who was twice my age at the grocery store and told me I need to go get my...