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  1. Youngsterat16

    Student learning ASL

    you still open for someone to chat with? I am just about finished with ASL 3
  2. Youngsterat16

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hello :), I am currently studying the language to become an interpreter- I'm a little over half way in the actual language classes (but still have a longgggg way to go). I'd be willing to chat with you though and try to answer any questions you have as best as I can. I aim to come on here more...
  3. Youngsterat16

    How Would You Sign "to Make Decisions"

    i'm not using the sign "make". I didn't think it would work. What I decided to do was sign "In the past, I decided for myself." Obviously I don't know the correct way to describe signs, but I'm not taking any classes right now (I'm only in high school using online sources like Bill Vicars) and I...
  4. Youngsterat16

    How Would You Sign "to Make Decisions"

    "i decide" wasn't quite what i was looking for in the context i'm using it as but I figured out how to sign what I was looking for. im new to asl but I've figured how to rearrange to make ideas more clear. I'm just working on my own little project for myself, translating a song to ASL. not...
  5. Youngsterat16

    How Would You Sign "to Make Decisions"

    "i was the one to call the shots" as in: i was the one who made (my own) decisions mainly looking at the word made. is it the sign as in 'creating' something so-to0speak. with the twisting fists or something else?
  6. Youngsterat16

    Hi, My Name Is Marie, I Am Deaf And Am Looking For New Friends

    Hey! I just got the idea today to find a deaf forum and here I am. I'm currently trying to teach myself ASL as well. Using bill vicars videos and looking at song interpretations (songs that I've made sure are not just signed English). Although I realize some words may be different where I am but...