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    Damaged Auditory Nerve - CI Still Possible?

    Hello Again! What a journey I've been through so far. I'm finding so much about my SSD this past month compared to my entire life it's a bit crazy. Anywho, I've recently found out that I wasn't actually born deaf. I lost full hearing in my right ear as a baby. Anytime between Birth - 4 years of...
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    Does Getting a Bone Conduction Hearing Aid Effect Ever Getting a Cochlear Implant?

    About to get bone conduction. ( Osia) Just wondering if getting that done ruins the chance for me ever being able to get a cochlear implant.
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    Need Help/Advice Osia Bone Conduction/CI Implant

    Hello everyone! My first post on the forum. Was sent over by a friend I had met while at my 1st Auidoloigist appointment. So my brief history. I'm 32 years old. I've had SSD since birth. We actually don't know why I'm deaf we just know I've been deaf since I've been born. Fast forward to...