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  1. Dodge Trucker

    Phonak Naida

    Alicia.....I took your advice and I asked my audi to switch to the V before she went ahead and ordered it. I sent an email to her around 630 am...and she was just getting ready to order switched to the V. Unfortunately still, I dont have the cash to pay for 2 hearing aids since every...
  2. Dodge Trucker

    Phonak Naida

    Hiya Alicia...I got a question for you. I am gonna be getting Naida ix up in a week. My insurance sucks ass big time. They wont cover nothing so that means I will be paying for them out of my own pocket. My audi...who is a "big time" audi here in my town, suggested I get 2 aids. Told her that...
  3. Dodge Trucker

    Getting new Hearing Aid:

    Heyya Divekevin....I am also on DVTV under smooth impala. I have worn analog hearing aids for close to 35 years (I am 35) and I just recently went to my audi to get tested. I am at 90% hearing loss unfortunately. I have always been around 60-75% loss but guess I'm getting older. She...
  4. Dodge Trucker

    The very worst kind of lift-off close call

    DAMN DAMN is all I can say. If it was MY truck and I was would better P R A Y that cops would be there in a quick second (after I verify no one was hurt) to keep me AWAY from who was responsible. If the cops wasnt there in a quick would be death row for me!!
  5. Dodge Trucker

    Went to race today!

    Promise to not get upset???? A friend won the tickets in a lottery drawing...and he WINS every thing so...he won them but had plans/conflict so he offered to give to me since I have NEVER been there. Asked me and I said SURE!!! We only paid 8 bucks for (2) 20 oz soda bottles. Tickets was...
  6. Dodge Trucker

    Went to race today!

    Went to Nationwide race today in Kansas Speedway!! WOW!! Me hard of hearing...had to turn off my hearing aid!!!! It still f*** loud!! My wife who is completely deaf, said she swore she COULD hear it. We were sitting way up top...excellent view of entire racetrack!! YAY!! It was recorded with my...
  7. Dodge Trucker

    ZVRS said NO to Z4 on HTC EVO!! are correct. I am all for the "working on it". Its true it was genuine..up to a point. They stated that they were working on it: meaning working on HTC. They also stated at a much later time that when Epic came around, they dropped HTC and worked on EPIC. What I am trying...
  8. Dodge Trucker

    ZVRS said NO to Z4 on HTC EVO!!

    I agree with you on this, but answer me this question for me. Why did Zvrs continually say "we're working on it " but if they knew that the software would not be able to go on the Htc, why couldnt they get ahead of the game and announce officially that they will Not do it? Why keep quiet and be...
  9. Dodge Trucker

    ZVRS said NO to Z4 on HTC EVO!!

    Watch / Read my video!! UGH!!
  10. Dodge Trucker

    iPhone 4 - IWRelay vs ZVRS

    (Patiently waiting for ZVRS...sorenson..iwrelay..or any other vrs relay to make app for EVO....tapping...waiting.....) :hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm::hmm:
  11. Dodge Trucker

    How change vibrate buzz to long long in Evo?

    I want long long vibrate for text do?
  12. Dodge Trucker

    How change vibrate buzz to long long in Evo?

    I forget and I cant find to change vibrate from short short to buzz long long? For everything?? Now my Evo just have 2 short buzz buzz...I want change something else
  13. Dodge Trucker

    "Gift Of Life" Donor

    How about hearing from the OTHER SIDE of the organ donation?? Long story short....I was knocking at death's door (I was I am 35) and I was ill for a very long time. I FINALLY had a HEART transplant. I received it from an organ donor's family. It TRULY was a gift of life. I got a 2nd...
  14. Dodge Trucker

    Flashlight Alerts for HTC EVO ..WOW

    Computerlover...let you is not is $1.99
  15. Dodge Trucker

    Loud Doorbell Chime?

    I went to Lowes or Home Depot (cant remember which) and they have a display of different kinds of doorbell chimes. They had one that was labeled hard of hearing doorbell chimes. It sounds like westminister chimes. It was loud enough for me (Im hard of hearing too) but it is not "next door...
  16. Dodge Trucker

    No Lock and Screen off for EVO

    Hi there! I have EVO and I was very tired of trying to catch the screen to stay on before it locked up. I hate to push power button...turn off my lock every time! UGH! I went to android forum and I found there is app called NO LOCK. This app is BEST when you leave your phone out (on...
  17. Dodge Trucker

    HTC EVO 4G vs Iphone 4G

    BOTH! I went to 3 different local sprint stores. All of them said 4 or more weeks backorder. So....I went and checked Sprintrelay store..didnt say backordered. So I went ahead and ordered it through sprintrelay...then a few hours later..I went and checked the status of my order...and it said...
  18. Dodge Trucker

    HTC EVO 4G vs Iphone 4G

    Battery Life tips Hi there!! I am on backorder for EVO! Ugh! Oh well..thats ok...anyways I was surfing the Sprint discussion forums and I cam across this. Thought for people who have TIME and want to save MONEY on can do all this to save battery life (note..LONG tip) HTC EVO...
  19. Dodge Trucker

    Special announcement! UbiVia - Live Mobile Text for Deaf, HH, and Hearing People

    Yeah...I found out that right now it's all going to be beta tested for BB users to work out the bugs...and when the FINAL release is on the market..the BB testers will have 1 year free subscription. For all who wants it when the FINAL release is will require monthly subscription fees...
  20. Dodge Trucker

    Special announcement! UbiVia - Live Mobile Text for Deaf, HH, and Hearing People

    If you think this is be it. I dislike anything related to SCOMM. I know the guy personally for a number of years as well as Kokundit does. I have a pretty good idea of the owner's true intentions. And besides...when the ubivia or whatever its called finally rolls out on the...