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  1. Mart

    We are not alone.

    Ladies & Gentlemen!, we are not alone!. Famous deaf & hoh people Ludwig Van Beethoven, arguably the most famous he was a German pianist born in 1770, and is regarded as the Greatest Classical Composer ever...
  2. Mart

    Are you joking!

    We all need a bit of a laugh at times especially now, I found a selected few jokes referring to deafness, these are not aimed at being offensive or ridicule anyone, just hopefully seen here as humour, feel free to add some of your own. Patient – “Doctor I think I’m going deaf.” Doctor...
  3. Mart

    TV using subtitles?

    Being retired I watch quite a bit of tv, mostly movies, I'm wondering how many of you using the subtitling option?. When I'm watching shows, I don't bother using my hearing aid, just rely on the subtitling which is permanently on, movies, I have my hearing aid in, but even then I struggle at...
  4. Mart

    Hey Gang

    Hiya, I'm Mart & I'm from the UK, I lost my most of my hearing 6 years ago I'm "HOH" I struggled for about 4 years hearing conversations to the stage of friends advising to get a hearing aid, it was upsetting to be told that, but of course they were right, so 2 years ago I finally got a hearing...