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    Planing on getting CI

    I can pick up many words, from voices I am familiar with. But if anyone is talking behind me or covered mouth forget it.
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    Planing on getting CI

    I wear hearing aid in my left ear all my life. I wore one in my right when I was in school til 1994. The doctor said that I qualify for it and he did explain how insurance works with CI's. He said I have to be really bad in both ears which is the case. I can pick up sounds no problem with the...
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    Planing on getting CI

    I am wearing a hearing aid.
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    Planing on getting CI

    I met with my ENT yesterday) Monday June 29th in Troy Ohio. I really like this dr. With everyone wearing mask etc, he spoke slowly and clearly enough and looked in my eyes asking me questions even though my husband was right there really made me feel good. I was able to understand pretty much...
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    should i tell my boss?

    Working in a retail store, 85% of the time requires phone calls or answers. I used to work in a grocery store as a cake decorator, most times I did not have to answer the phone for orders but there are times where I had to take the calls. Game stop is a very small store with only 1 or 2...
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    Dentist office may have violated my rights-did they?

    All xrays of any kind everything is to come off, glasses, hearing aids and jewelry. Because they show up on the xrays and removing them shows more clear pic of your teeth or anything than having something on you while getting it done. 1st off they should have told you to take them off. 2nd you...
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    Decorate Hearing Aids

    I have turquoise and clear ear mold.
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    Looking for best ENT in Ohio

    Sorry that I have not responded to this is that I did not know you replied. I met with my ENT in Troy Ohio. I like him a lot. I will be making a new post about that.
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    Is there something that hearies can wear to simulate deafness?

    Best way to have an hearing person not hear a single sound is to go way out in the country (boon docks). No cars near, or anything but just animals maybe. That is the best way to describe deafness in a person really. Many times when I go camping and they would say man it is so quiet out there...
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    Looking for best ENT in Ohio

    My audiologist gave me 2 locations One in Dayton/Circleville Ohio and the other in Columbus. Which one would you recommend to meet with for CI. I am loosing ability to wear hearing aid anymore. It is not working well for me. I miss talking to my mom on the phone, I miss understanding ppl like I...
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    New CI Technique

    I wear phonak aid in my left ear as well. My hubby felt I should only do my right ear first in CI then do the left ear. I thought of doing the bi lateral both at the same time.
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    United Health Care (UMR) and CI

    Does anyone on here have UMR United health insurance? I'm considering looking into a pair of CI's possibly and I was wondering if anyone had that insurance and if it was covered 100% or a fraction etc. Also Is it worth doing CI and sacrificing what hearing is left in my left hear that wears...
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    Long time no see

    I've been a member for quite a few years. I've pretty much lost track. I no longer live in Pittsburgh Pa. I moved to west Ohio Aug 2012 for better jobs and country life. Best thing my hubby and I ever done. I now work for Honda Engine plant building engines. Married for 16 years, no kids but 2...
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    Show Us Your Car(s)

    2012 Ford Escape! I'm hoping to get the body work done on it, lift it, bar lights, ram bars, get rid of chrome on my ride. I'm seeing alot of Honda owners. I work for the largest Engine plant for Honda in Ohio.
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    Anthem Insurance/Cochlear Implants

    I used to have them. I make too much money to have medicare or social security.
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    Anthem Insurance/Cochlear Implants

    I have to make a honey do list for my husband to call.
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    Anthem Insurance/Cochlear Implants

    Wow thanks for the info. I'll be making apt soon.
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    Anthem Insurance/Cochlear Implants

    I do know that it is very good insurance. The best one out there. I will be making a new post for questions to help me in the decision.
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    Anthem Insurance/Cochlear Implants

    I have Anthem insurances through my husband's work. I have been thinking about getting CI in the right ear first since I do not wear a hearing aid in that ear. I wanted to know if any of you have Anthem Insurance and do they cover 100% or certain amt? I will be getting an apt sometime soon...
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    How much better with CI over Aids

    I used to wear 2 aids when I was in DePaul Institute School for the Deaf. Graduated in 94 so it has been 20 years since I wore 2 aids.