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  1. Dodge Trucker

    Went to race today!

    Went to Nationwide race today in Kansas Speedway!! WOW!! Me hard of hearing...had to turn off my hearing aid!!!! It still f*** loud!! My wife who is completely deaf, said she swore she COULD hear it. We were sitting way up top...excellent view of entire racetrack!! YAY!! It was recorded with my...
  2. Dodge Trucker

    ZVRS said NO to Z4 on HTC EVO!!

    Watch / Read my video!! UGH!!
  3. Dodge Trucker

    How change vibrate buzz to long long in Evo?

    I forget and I cant find to change vibrate from short short to buzz long long? For everything?? Now my Evo just have 2 short buzz buzz...I want change something else
  4. Dodge Trucker

    No Lock and Screen off for EVO

    Hi there! I have EVO and I was very tired of trying to catch the screen to stay on before it locked up. I hate to push power button...turn off my lock every time! UGH! I went to android forum and I found there is app called NO LOCK. This app is BEST when you leave your phone out (on...
  5. Dodge Trucker

    (Joke)Gay Man, Homeless man, Money, and Beer

    (If this joke has been told before..I apologize..I can't remember if I did. This joke is NOT meant to offend..only to be laughed at. If this any way offends you..I sincerely apologize) One day...a gay man was looking for a 1 night stand with another dude. He went to a all male bar. Sat and...
  6. Dodge Trucker

    Employment Work Sign language survival paper

    Hi there!! If this is in the wrong forum...please move it to the correct forum. Much apologies in advance. Thanks!! My wife just recently moved/transferred to a new department and the folks in there are pretty young and they're very patient with my wife who is deaf, by the way. Her...
  7. Dodge Trucker

    Condom Joke

    (This joke is NOT meant to offend any one. If it offends you, I apologize. Again, no offense intended..just thought it was a funny joke) 2 condoms are walkin down the street. The 2 condoms sees a male gay bar. They arrive to the bar's outside door. 1 condom says to the other condom...
  8. Dodge Trucker


    Hi there! I tried searching for a thread almost like this one..but I cant seem to find one like this. If there is one..please pardon me for not searching hard enough. I thought I would start this thread for heck of it. Do any one of you have guns/weapons? What kind you have and why you...
  9. Dodge Trucker

    Creative Airline Prices

    Hi there!! I will be going to Hawaii Cruise in a year or two. I LOVE to research everything to death. I was wondering if any one knows of a good cheap airline ticket monitor website I can use to monitor airline prices? I have already tried cheaptickets..sidestep..orbitz..etc etc and even my...
  10. Dodge Trucker


    This may sound STUPID and so darn simple easy to answer but I guess I am not LOOKING in the right places. I feel like "DUH" right Uhmm Can you or some body tell me how I can set up my 8330 BB and or my Laptop to set up for PAM? I will be going to out in the country (rural areas) to...
  11. Dodge Trucker

    Which is better?

    Some one on here in this forum was saying something about wireless settings. I search and search and I cant find the darn post....sooo...can you help me out? Which is better? WEP-OPEN WEP-Shared WPA-PSK I created my own encryption key instead of using the default encryption code. I...
  12. Dodge Trucker

    Any one going to DeafNation Expo in KC??

    Any one going to the DeafNation Deaf Expo in KC, MO on March 21st?? It'll be at Bartle Hall. Just curious who all is going. What do they GENERALLY have there in the way of exhibits? SK booths? Sprint BB booths?? Deaf education booths?? I went to a "mini" expo years ago at a small convention...
  13. Dodge Trucker

    Using MMS after BB upgrade

    Hi there! I have a question or two I hope you all can help me answer. I have Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330. Last Friday night I downloaded and installed/upgraded my software to Sprints 4.5 software. I noticed that it came with MMS capability!(using their mobile number only) I was like yah...
  14. Dodge Trucker

    Tips/Suggestions for Cocoa Beach, FLA?

    Hi there! My travel agent (who is my aunt-in-law) found me a NEAT package for my wife and I to go to Cocoa Beach, Fla for our 15th year anniversary. We got airplane, hotel, and car rental for under $1,000! Wow...great deal!! We will be landing in Orlando Airport and then taking rental car to...
  15. Dodge Trucker

    YAY!!! Chiefs General Manager Resigns (really fired)

    For those of you who know KC Chiefs team, there is General Manager person named Carl Peterson. He was hired in 1989 and he said he had 5 year plan to get Chiefs to Superbowl. He has nickname of "King Carl" because he believe he is the BEST negotiator and what he say is FINAL!! He hired Marty...
  16. Dodge Trucker

    Post Pictures of your Tattoo/body piercing/ear piercing

    Hey there ya'll!! I thought I would start this thread for heck of it!! I thought maybe for those of you who are NOT SHY and post pictures of your tattoos or tats, body piercings, tongue piercings or ear piercings such as Helix, Tegazs, Rook etc etc. Don't be shy!! Be proud and...
  17. Dodge Trucker

    Vardon Family to lose Extreme Makeover House

    (Mods - if this is posted in the incorrect forum, please move to the appropriate forum/threads. Thanks) This is so sad. Remember the deaf Vardon family who was awarded a Extreme makeover house a couple years ago? From what I could understand from the video (correct me if I am wrong please...
  18. Dodge Trucker

    OJO or Sorenson

    I'd like some perspectives on this issue. As I know it now, sorenson 200 has their own 866 nbr or whatever. I have sorenson 100 (currently in storage) and I have a CSD vrs 888 nbr but I have to have it to fixed to where I use to have a fixed IP address to give out which I use for...
  19. Dodge Trucker

    Soft or Hard Ear Molds?

    Hi there! I am a long time reader and I need help!! I've grown up using soft ear molds and I have always had problems with it such as too much wax buildup, mold sliding out...etc etc etc. Im going into a hearing aid mold laboratory tomorrow to see about doing hard ear mold. Can any one suggest...
  20. Dodge Trucker

    8330 Can SEE Youtube video

    Hi there!! I went to YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. on my Sprint BB 8330 and I got a message saying it advise me to upgrade to unlimited data plan cuz of high number of data going back and forth. (Already on unlimited data) and then I clicked on accept then picked out video and clicked