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  1. radioman

    Is coda really cool ?

    all of my kids are coda's . my oldest is going to college for becoming a terp. however this presented a situation that i am not sure how to feel about. he been to couple colleges now and all of his asl classmates thinks he so cool since he is the only student with deaf parents. i'm sorry...
  2. radioman

    Deaf Expo Stuff

    I recently went to the international deaf expo in las vegas and now finally have time to start posting little by little here again. I wanted to share my experience here with various things shown at the deaf expo. first off I wanted to say it was great to see some new people there and meet deaf...
  3. radioman


    I currently have z20 and going to upgrade to z70. have anyone used it yet ? I love the fact its a touchscreen and its andriod based.
  4. radioman

    Paid Members

    If a member was paid before the upgrade - doesnt it get transferred over to new AD forum?
  5. radioman


    dea****y !!! happy birthday !!! :wave:
  6. radioman

    what is a spiritual spouse

    what is a spiritual spouse? do you ladies and gents condone it? if you do have one- how do you deal with it?
  7. radioman

    Paying for hearing aids and looking to replace mine

    My current ha is 10 year old and starting to have turn on and of problems. I have been trying to figure out a way to cover the cost of ha. So far I have been unsuccessful. I really cannot take a loan out right now. I was told 10 years for a digital ha is to old to be refurbed. As everyone knows...
  8. radioman

    VRS interoperabilty for videomail

    With Zvrs pushing for video mail to be enabled NOW to sorenson users, I am surprised no one is making comments or sharing thier thoughts here. It seems to be that other VRS is joining the fight and rallying support for this change, how do you guys feel about it? What do you know why this is an...
  9. radioman

    why is Jehovah witness knocking on my door

    this was a interesting phenomenon I noticed untill I saw his youtube video. Last sunday while I was away - my wife had jw who knew sign language knocking on the door and she told them to go away and never come back again. 2 sundays ago, I was at a friends house in a different town and again...
  10. radioman

    referal ID

    What the referral ID link in the user CP really do for you other then spread the word of alldeaf forum? earn brownie points or something? :dunno:
  11. radioman

    alldeaf facebook

    rant: yesterday I got a facebook freind request from a girl who posted on facebook alldeaf page. I checked her profile and figured she could be a freind so I accepted the request and then she immediately says she is single and deaf. I was like huh?! how many of you folks have this problem? she...
  12. radioman


    Does anyone here ever donate thier hearing aids to the lions club? i havent thought about it till now.
  13. radioman

    The Twin Sisters: Hedy vs Heidi

    I gotta say --This deaf woman... her videos is wierd, funny and twisted. I dont know if I should be scared or what ....
  14. radioman

    OLD VRS equipment

    does anyone want couple of MVPS, bunch of di604's, dlink eye2I?
  15. radioman

    hearing aids payment assistance

    I am curious . How many of you have been able to get assistance in paying for your HA's? how old were you and who helped you and why did they help you? Did ANY of you looked into your current insurance to see what is covered?
  16. radioman

    switching from time warner to direct TV or dishtv for TV

    Has anyone recently switched from cable tv to directtv/dish companies to save money on cable costs but kept cable internet for videophone? How did it work out for you? would you do it again? any captioning issues with satellite dishes now a days. Things are supposely better now then 2 or more...
  17. radioman


    Whats your favorite use of borax or 20 mule team?
  18. radioman

    How many VRS is out there?

    Like the title says, how many different VRS are there? I am talking about now - the current ones as of march 2013. Can you name them all? Do you know the difference between certifed VRS's (not the terps) and the ones that are not?
  19. radioman


    Do any of you guys believe in karma? the good and bad ? What it does to you? Do share.
  20. radioman

    post office cuts saturday

    say good bye to saturday delivery! Postal Service to say goodbye to mail delivery on Saturdays - Business on