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  1. farewell65


    I was trying to post pictures by using insert image then copy/paste from http:// so resulted no pictures, can anyone tell me how it works?
  2. farewell65

    Mud Run

    I cant find any thread about mud run such as Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, and many more. Anyone of you all involve and running? For me, hell yeah I am!! I am addiction to that thing!! Because it has more challenge, good experience, and fun!! I ran Warrior Dash twice...
  3. farewell65

    Keurig Mini Plus for sale

    I am selling my Keurig Mini Plus cuz I no longer need it since I got other Keurig (B40). I used Keurig Mini Plus for at work only and stopped using since last July. Purchased last January. asking $80 or best offer. Keuring Mini Plus will be coming w direction book and free 10 to 15 k cups...
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    HD Receiver Box

    I bought new HDTV last night, 42 inches Magnavox 1080p, so I need to know which one is better? TurboHD from DISH Network??
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    WWE RAW at DC on 12/1

    I was on TV!!
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    Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

    does anyone play this game? I already addicted to this game since last night when my roommate bought it heh
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    I was wondering if that store accepted trade in on any DVD?
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    NFL tickets

    I know most of teams are sold out on their ticket box office so where did yall buy tickets from?? StubHub? RazorGator? eBay? Craigslist? other?? was it worth to buy and any charge fee?? Thanks in advance
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    Comcast High Speed Internet

    Anyone use it? Last Thursday I connected all wires and modem box, all lights are on but PC/Activity's light is orange so that means we dont have any access?? Should be green light on PC/Activity?
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    MMA Thread

    We used have WWE Thread (now not anymore) and we can discuss abt anything MMA in generally like Rampage get arrested few days ago, upcoming PPV of Affliction Banned, and etc... fire away!
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    MODS: I wasnt sure which one is right to put on category I am curious does anyone know whats going on PhotoBucket? seems their website crashed or something? cuz I see all our sigs are X...
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    Favre selected cover on Madden 2009

    Madden: Hey Look, It's Brett Favre On The Cover Of Madden its actually surprised me cuz he is retired...
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    Yankees visiting VA Tech for baseball game

    ESPN - Yankees visit Va. Tech memorial, play exhibition - MLB and look at NY Yanks logo on VA Tech's color hat went very very rare on eBay, mostly online stores are sold out Virginia Tech VT - NY Yankees Maroon Game Hat 7 1/2 NWT - eBay (item 170203201974 end time Mar-26-08 13:13:00 PDT)...
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    Chicago Ridge

    anyone live in or near to Chicago Ridge? I need to know which hotel or motel is much cheaper near to Frontier Fieldhouse? Thanks in advance :)
  15. farewell65

    WrestleMania XXIV

    Matches are announced from last night at RAW Triple Threat Match for WWE Champ Orton (c) vs Cena vs Triple H World Heavyweight Champ Match Edge (c) vs Undertaker Money in the Bank Ladder Match Jeff Hardy vs Mr Kennedy vs ????? vs ????? vs ????? vs ??????
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    Deaf MLB Fantasy 08

    up to 10 teams, yall guys are welcome :) ID# is 65327 password: deaf
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    America Gladiators

    to all mods, I am not sure which category is right since its sports on TV back to topic, did anyone watch this show last Sunday night (2 hrs) and last Monday night (one hour)... I watched it and wow what a way awesome and more pace than old one, gotta love their new elimantion course, its...
  18. farewell65

    I have problem with BlackBerry, pls help!!!

    It said JVM Error 523 and need to reset, I did click reset and still back to same error screen, how can I solve the problem? It started problem last Saturday when I was at NYC for wrestling events
  19. farewell65

    Deaf Bowl Mania

    hey everyone, join my league of Yahoo Sports Fantasy, college bowl pick em, the group id nbr is 5693 and the password is deaf =D
  20. farewell65

    Fabulous Moolah passes away at 83

    WWE: Inside WWE > News > Fabulous Moolah passes away very sad, RIP Moolah