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  1. starrygaze

    Wyoming mountain in Colorado stamp???

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Colorado's new flag stamp that went on sale two weeks ago as part of a new national stamp series may have a major problem: the mountain is in Wyoming. The U.S. Postal Service stamp shows the Colorado flag, with a snowy mountain and evergreen trees. But, a sharp-eyed...
  2. starrygaze

    Safari is placed as a king cat!

    And The Winner of the Browser Wars is…. Posted in Zimbra Server, Zimbra Web Client by Kevin Henrikson on the June 17th, 2008 With Zimbra 5.0 we’ve introduced some newer ways to make the user experience faster with the Zimbra Web Client. We’ve talked about Jetty, YUI compression, and Lazy...
  3. starrygaze

    Snow Leopard OS X

    My words: New future Snow Leopard OS X will drop 32 bit and PowerPC supports and outlook new ahead on 64 bit clean system. Current Leopard handles all 32 bit and 64 bit as well as PowerPC and Intel both. Myths of Snow Leopard 2: 32-bit Support June 17th, 2008 | History, Journal...
  4. starrygaze

    Apple Inc will be bigger in future?

    By owlstarry at 2008-05-05 Monday, May 5, 2008 Last updated 9:39 a.m. PT Software Notebook: Apple blossoms with growing cash balance By TODD BISHOP P-I REPORTER The biggest cash pile in the technology industry has historically belonged to Microsoft Corp., but now it has some company...
  5. starrygaze

    Moon to Hide a Beehive

    Moon to Hide a Beehive By Joe Rao Skywatching Columnist posted: 02 May 2008 07:42 am ET If the weather is clear in your area on Saturday, May 10, be sure to check out the fat crescent moon in the southwestern sky with binoculars or a small, low power telescope as darkness...
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    iTune added more movies and new DVD releases

    Purchase New Movies on iTunes Same Day as DVD Release CUPERTINO, California—May 1, 2008—Apple® today announced that new movie releases from major film studios and premier independent studios are available for purchase on the iTunes® Store (Apple - iTunes - iTunes Overview) on the same day as...
  7. starrygaze

    new Stargate: Continuum movie in July 29th

    I m fan of Stargate always watching series every day. Love them. And found a teaser hope you might want to watch it ? GateWorld Play > News & Features: Continuum Teaser Trailer
  8. starrygaze


    Cloudless and no tree moonrise as sunset gone.
  9. starrygaze

    Pole Mountain

    30 miles west of my hometown I had fun photographing outdoor. Few are good pictures. Now I post one picture in here and will post more picture later.
  10. starrygaze

    World Population to Hit 6,666,666,666

    World Population to Hit 6,666,666,666 in May April 16th, 2008 Author Robert Roy Britt World Population to Hit 6,666,666,666 in May Too many people, this means nothing. But of course 666 refers to the Beast in the Bible. Heaven knows what ten sixes means. I don’t know who first noticed...
  11. starrygaze

    Sunrise pictures

    post your sunrise pictures in here. Have a fun! This picture is indeedly taken in the morning. See there snow and cold outside very beautiful!
  12. starrygaze

    keep more expensive cost on high speed internet

    The cost of gas price, new fast internet and anothers always on rise as I become poor. Craps! Comcast Offers 50 Mbps Data Speeds For $150 A Month Comcast said it expects to deliver up to 100 Mbps in the next two years and speeds of 160 Mbps or more after that. By K.C. Jones...
  13. starrygaze

    Full Moons: What's in a Name?

    I got this from National Geographic. Full Moons: What's in a Name? One of the most dramatic sights in the night sky—and inspiration for poets, artists, and lovers for millennia—full moons captivate us like nothing else. Moon over ancient ruins Every month Earth's moon goes...
  14. starrygaze

    night photography

    for my difficult and little experience to photograph during low light or night to capture beautiful stars and anothers. There wind mills on left side and red glow is Front Range and Denver metro and stars in sky White frozen high plain in Terry Ranch photographed before sunrise...
  15. starrygaze

    photography online

    Which is better for me to upload my many pictures like imageshack, photobuck, or webshots? Anyone here who know more? I have Nikon camera to capture many beautiful with large sizes.
  16. starrygaze


    These pictures are taken by my Nikon toy. By owlstarry, shot with NIKON D40X at 2008-03-10 By owlstarry, shot with NIKON D40X at 2008-03-10 By owlstarry, shot with NIKON D40X at 2008-03-10 By owlstarry, shot with NIKON D40X at 2008-03-10
  17. starrygaze

    One day iPhone will be conqueror!

    Believe or not? Because that iPhone itself, my opinion, would have subtitles, closed caption, rental movies, OpenGL, and more anywhere you go. Live blog from Apple's iPhone SDK announcement | One More Thing - CNET Apple - iPhone - Enterprise
  18. starrygaze

    Aurora Season

    Spring is Aurora Season 03.04.08 This photograph of an aurora was taken in Wisconsin. Credit: Jeffrey R. Hapeman of Lac du Flambeau, Wis. > Larger image What are the signs of spring? They are as familiar as a blooming daffodil, a songbird at dawn, a surprising shaft of warmth from the...
  19. starrygaze

    moon photograhpy

    By owlstarry, shot with NIKON D40X at 2008-02-24 By owlstarry, shot with NIKON D40X at 2008-02-24 These picture are taken with my hands held without tripod. No problem with low light photograph!
  20. starrygaze

    new invisible implant hearing aid is promise!

    January/February 2008 The Naked Ear A fully implantable hearing aid is showing promise. By Michael Chorost A hearing aid is a straightforward device. Its microphone collects sound, its electronics amplify it, its tiny loudspeaker sends the sound into a tube placed in the ear canal, and the...