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    Hi again, I was wondering if possible for me to delete my old pictures that I posted in the past?
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    The Car Chaser show

    I dunno it anyone has post about that show but since it appeared on my cable channel I am so addict to watch that show.. I really wanna to observe that show and see these cars!!
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    Oh I am back it is so long time.

    It has been so long time for me to be back on hopefully doing well, For myself I have been so darn busy with kids include my niece and nephews, My niece just announced to be engaged to her long time boyfriend. Oh crap I am so crazy to run around with kids and wedding and...
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    Sorry I have been gone so long!

    Sorry I have been out of this Alldeaf site for long time! Well at least I am not dead yet.. I have been totally so busy lately so far! What can I say-- Alex- forgive me for not being on this site so long! :cool2:
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    Bad News

    I just received a call from one of my family members to confirmed that two of my family are currently in the hospital. They were sick with food posion - possible E-Coli posioning. It scared the heck out of me. I have to fly out early in the morning to be with two of my family tomorrow. I don't...
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    Wanted to drop a line and said "Big Hello" for short time!

    I wanted to drop a short line to say "Big Hello" and check on you. Also I am still alive but still am so totally busy like a heck crazy. ARGH! Thank God that I am back to work since I was retired from old work up in Tennessee. Now it was so hell busy to drive me crazy and I was nearly worked...
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    Bad News but survived!

    I just wanted to say something! Last Sunday the 1st of June early morning at approx. 6:25am I was driving and was on the way to grocery store (Albertson's), while I was driving toward to the red stop light at intersection and when the green light turn on (arrow like turn curve, not turn right)...
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    I wanted to create a post about "ADD" cause one of my nephews whom has it! My oldest knew a little about it but not as much but I told her to not worry about anyway, I just wanted to created a post about " ADD" cause me my bf and oldest niece are having a bit hard time trying to understand about...
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    Anyone had good time on Memorial weekend?

    I just wanna to make a post about anyone who had a great weekend for Memorial? For us! Oh heck yea we went to south of Georgia and had a wonderful time and our kids were so excited! Then when we got back home this morning as of Monday morning I had to run to airport in Tallahassee to pick...
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    For any Aunts/uncles or others

    For any uncles/aunts/ or others like in taking care of your nieces and nephews. If any of your nieces or nephews reach to be 15 and half years 16 years old to have a drive license, do you trust your nephews or nieces to drive to school or something ? My oldest niece (which I only have two...
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    I wanna to say "Sorry" cause I was not online much lately due to be so darn busy building adding new rooms due to my niece and nephews since their mother died few months ago and I am in charge to take care of her kids so I just wanted to add rooms to make the her kids having own rooms. I am so...
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    "Mad Money with Jim Cramer"

    I was wondering if any of u have been watch the show called "Mad Money with Jim Cramer"? I have been watching his shows for long time except that before he began his shows. I have watched other shows that "Jim Cramer" was on before he got his own shows. Its my favorite shows. Plus other show...
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    Won't be able to be online for few weeks!

    I wouldn't be able to be online for few weeks or so due to my family death! I am about to get on road to Texas. My sister had died this afternoon and I was so upset and saddened, also busy to get packed and get things to be arranged for my adopt son before my bf and twins and I hit on road. My...
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    Experience with back problems?

    I want to know if anyone has experience with back problems? Last year I had "spasms" in my lower right back and my bf had to rushed me to ER and the dr gave me the med. cause I couldn't move when I had spasms.. I hate that and it was so painful but recently it began annoy me a lot of...
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    I was wondering if any of you ever had experiences with "Keyloggers" ? Let me know what your experiences were!
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    Have problems with sisters/brothers?

    I don't know where to put since it s part of family not parents or marriage topics. anyway.. Have you ever had problems/troubles not getting along with either sister/brother? For myself I don't ever get along with either sisters or brother (I have three sisters and one brother) and we all...
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    "Ever been victim by housebroken or by fraud from bank twice?"

    "Have any of u been victim by housebroken or fraud by bank or etc? I just recently been victim that someone broken in our barn the day after Xmas of 07) and stole our few items twice? I have been victim (once by my sister and her ex f*king a**hole hubby and now unknown suspect... and the...
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    Root Canal

    I am not sure if I put the right topic! Anyway anyone have have experience with root canal! I recently had twice root canal but the first one was easy but the second was awful cause the first one that was not pain but the second was pain before doing second root canal it was pain have u done...
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    Oops Been gone so long!

    Oops I have been gone so long in months to be back in here argh. I have been totally so busy so far with kids, etc (blah blah), anyway I have not been here in months for alot of reasons. But last spring of 2007 I was in rehab for reasons I am not gonna to say that anyway. Finally I am back what...
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    Going to Texas

    We are leaving to Texas on the 10th of March to visit my family and also going to visit few towns. We are looking forward to be on trip.. :dance: :dance: :bump: See ya all..