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    Lookin for some opinions on animal research for psychology?

    Our psychology class is debating using animals for psychological testing. What do you think about it? Do you think we we should use psyc drugs and other experimentation on animals?
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    I you could make a law for hearies to learn 10 signs, what would be most important?

    What do you think would be the most important signs, or phrases that all hearing people should be able to understand.?
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    have you ever believed in something bigger than you, and you can't even say why? but

    Have you ever had a feeling in your spirit that you just can't deny? You can't run cuz it follows you, and ya know it is right? So, you just swallow hard, and follow the path because you know it is right? Even in the face of opposition, you do it because it is just right.
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    Would you support BIBI programs as a national standard for Deaf ED?

    If we had a standard preference for Deaf ED, what would you like to see? Many people I talk to prefer BIBI because it is more consistent. What do you think? I
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    Omg I Am So Sorry!!! I Was Repeating Qhat I Was Told>

    God I feel terrible. I thought that the term dummied down was to water stuff down. I just used the exact words that I was told. I hope you know that I respect all people as who they are. I dearly love my Deaf friends and the Deaf community. I had an email from someone who was...
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    Are some of the classes in separated public school classes dummied down for deaf?

    I have read lately a lot of posters say that they went to come classes that automatically lowered the standards of education just cuz someone was deaf. Did anyone else experience that in Deaf ed? Did you get access to all the material that you needed for a good education in Deaf Ed? I...
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    Does anybody have the link to the AGBELL letter to Pepsico?

    I am finishing my research paper on oral only, and I wanted to use the letter from AG Bell to pepsico to prove that there is still a danger from the oralists to destroy ASL if they can. Do you have a link to their original letter? I can't find it. Thanks to all, and lots of smiles to...
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    If you could change captioning, what would you do to make it better?

    What needs to be done to make captioning the best it can be? And, do the laws about captioning cover the changes that need to be made?
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    If you want the hearies to hear you, get involved, here is how! up to you!

    I promised some of my friends here on AD that I would look up the email addys for the 3 candidates for pres. Many of you are posting about problems with schooling and literacy and employment issues. Also, captioning and other issues are continually being brought up here. I can only say...
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    Why do they make Deaf students spend their first three years at college taking no ..

    I have been reading that Deaf college students are having to take 3 years of non credit courses. Is that a wide spread truth, or just sometimes for some people? If it is true, is it because the students are not getting enough education information from interpreters? or is it because they...
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    How do you get politicians to pay attention to your issues?

    Considering that we are in an election season, don't you think that now would be a good time to start bringing the Deaf issues to the attention of the candidates? Captioning, education, etc. etc. etc. I enough people wrote to their senators,,, Like Obama and Clinton, or even Mcain, they...
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    what rocks your world and is your favorite subject to talk about in a post?

    What discussions are you most inclined to join? What matters most in your life? Economy? jobs? education? love? news? deaf products? What rocks your world?
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    Please forgive me if my dreaming has offended anyone

    :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:I realize that I dream of a way to fix stuff that hurts others... That is what grandmas do.. So, if I have overstepped my bounds, I hope that you will forgive me.. My heart tells me that i have offended some folks here.. and I pray that I haven't.. I do dream of a...
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    Can anyone tell me the where to find information on the

    I need to get some information about how many mainstream school use an oral only approach, or are basically using English in all of their classes. Are most schools supplying interpreters and note takers and leaving kids in the class rooms? or are they separated out. I haven't been able to find...
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    Opinion survey; isolation in mainstream oral only schools

    Do you think that mainstreamed kids who don't have sign feel lonely or isolated at school? I am doing a survey. I want to know what you think and not just what the experts say. Thanks for taking the time to answer this. If you have a story to share about a good experience or a bad...
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    Can you give this poem a name? and critique?

    I can't really name this. If you want to give it a try, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.... Jeanie,, still chasin the dream for a better tomorrow for ALL!
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    It's Sad but true

    The truth is that I am old, and I can't be trusted with buttons. I tried twice to attatch my Castle story to the post, and finally I got it right. Please, forgive me if you tried to read it, and it wasn't there. If you go back, it is in the second post beneath the original. I still...
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    rewrite: Castle in my mind - feedback needed

    I have tried to revamp this story as Vampy suggested. I added a new beginning, and fixed what I think he said to fix. Your feedback is the only way I will learn,, Hate it, like or love it... it's all good........I need your opinion. If it is cheesey, just tell me. Thanks for your time...
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    How Does Michael Jackson Pick His Nose???

    He picks his nose out of a catalouge every 60 days... BOOOOOOO! DUMB JOKE>>> :) blame my kids, they told it to me...