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  1. Awauphi

    Hey I am back-

    I am back! I was known as Freaky Cat back then. I know I have been away from AD in a long time. Life got me busy with my son and many things. Just wondering if anyone I know are still in here? :) Happy Monday to yall!! :)
  2. Awauphi

    New pictures of me on my wedding day... :-)

    \ yes I got married on September 8, 2013 to my sweetheart Benji :-) And yes it's my son TJ. He's 14 now. :-) Along with my second momma. :-)
  3. Awauphi

    Heaven gained a beautiful Angel- Darlin Tweety

    I received the news that Michie (Michelle Davis) aka TweetyBird (AOL SN) known as Darlin Tweety on here passed away from heart attack. :( We met and chatted lots in AOL Deaf chat room then I got to know her more personally in ********** and Other websites as well as on here, and...
  4. Awauphi

    Howdy ADers

    Long time no see yall. Whats up??? :) Ps Dixie AD. so here i am!! :):laugh2:
  5. Awauphi

    my voice was caught on video.. lol

    Hi everyone at the time i was sick with colds and lost my voice so i was whispering anyway we were at Petit Jean mountain sightseeing. My boyfriend didn't know how to use the digital camera as it was his daughter's. My voice was caught on the video so it sound funny.. lol.. I realized that most...
  6. Awauphi


    Any of you have any fetishes.. like guys like wearing womens clothings, hosiery, or whatever... does that make him transgender or transvite? or just a fetish? or is he a crossdresser?? one plm is he doesnt wear wig, make ups, etc. just like the soft womens intimate clothings... any...
  7. Awauphi

    Hey deaf_fishingman

    :wave: Let's welcome deaf_fishingman to Alldeaf. He is from Arkansas- one of my good friends. So I hope he will enjoy the stay with us! Have fun! :)
  8. Awauphi

    Trip to Clinton, AR pictures!

    Smile4ginger/Taken at Clinton AR Aug 12 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I went to Clinton this afternoon to meet a friend and we went out to eat then went to the park for fun. My friend asked if its ok that he can take pictures of me. I said sure go ahead. I think he had fun doing it...
  9. Awauphi

    Guess Whose Birthday is today??

    ONG? Anyone know who it is? :hmm: It's OldNavyGirl's Birthday. :D Happy Birthday to you and many more! I hope u had a wonderful day!!! :)
  10. Awauphi

    I am mad... GRRR...

    :mad2: I cant believe someone is a :liar: for saying that it is her birthday today..... :mad2: :fu2: I am Kidding... :hug: Today is Sexy Babe's Birthday!!! :giggle: :twisted: Sis i hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy your birthday and many more!!!!! Hugs and :ily:
  11. Awauphi

    Today is the Happiest Day!!! :)

    Dana Knight: If you're happy and you know it, it must be June 20 | | The Indianapolis Star If you're happy and you know it, it must be June 20 A You walked into work today and your computer froze up. Dagnabbit. Then a co-worker got snippy with you. Whatever. Get mad. Get...
  12. Awauphi

    New Age movement

    I was reading that and it said we are in New Age now? i was like huh? I didn't understand and looked it up and read it. I was like huh interesting but I know I dont believe in horscopes as they are hogwash. etc. thought it is interesting... so what you think? New Age From Wikipedia, the...
  13. Awauphi

    Oh What A Blue Monday!?

    Not! It's Tousi's Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!! :)
  14. Awauphi

    Man Tries to Ditch Cheating Wife on eBay

    Man Tries to Ditch Cheating Wife on eBay - Switched Would you do the same thing if your S.O. cheated on you? Would you do this low thing ? I thought it was tacky of the guy to do this because there are children involved??? I guess the guy have no brain. I felt bad for the children. :(
  15. Awauphi

    Is it normal to want a life without romance?

    Is it normal to want a life without romance? - TODAY: Relationships - what if it was you? Would you think it is normal to want a life without romance? Or must you have some romance in your life? I found this and thought huh? this is very interesting... so wondering if there...
  16. Awauphi

    Recession coming? A list of cheap eating resources

    Recession coming? A list of cheap eating resources - Slashfood Recession coming? A list of cheap eating resources Posted Mar 25th 2008 9:02AM by Emily Matchar Filed under: Frugal Food, Recipes, Newspapers, On the Blogs, Lists, How To With the U.S. economy on the rocks, it seems like a...
  17. Awauphi

    Spring School picture 2008

    here is TJ.. he is 8 but will be 9 in June. :) Feel free to post your kids school pictures in here. :)
  18. Awauphi

    The Whole Story About Whole Foods Market

    The Whole Story About Whole Foods Market - Articles The Whole Story About Whole Foods Market Many organic food fans trust stores that sell largely organic produce. However, the merger of Whole Foods and Wild Oats may be a sign that it's time for the rose-colored glasses to come off...
  19. Awauphi

    Do the kids listen? Not always! OUCH!!!

    How many times have we been told....and have told our children NOT to run in the house? Did we always listen? Do they listen? Not always. Sometimes our seemingly futile efforts fail, and 'boo-boo's' happen. Here is a little feller who didn't listen, and he got his own souvenir scars to help...
  20. Awauphi

    Youth Minister Accused of Indecent Behavior

    WAFB Channel 9, Baton Rouge, LA |Youth Minister Accused of Indecent Behavior Youth Minister Accused of Indecent Behavior Posted: April 10, 2008 09:00 AM CDT Updated: April 10, 2008 12:47 PM CDT BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - A 31-year-old youth minister arrested Tuesday is the fifth...