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    How old were you...

    I guess I always knew I was gay. I thought it was completely normal to like girls right from like the second grade. I was always pretty much one of the boys, my dad says by the age or 2-3 I pretty much grabbed everything blue to wear and such. I didn't actually come out to any friends until I...
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    i think i'm gonna buy one, it looks too fun
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    Ernie and Bert might get married!

    Yeah Beaker was the helper to Bunsen, a very science class type joke lol
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    Is anyone from Missouri?

    I've been to St Louis and my Aunt and Uncle live in Arnold. Lol I don't remember much of Arnold except for the restaurants. I want to go down and visit them soon, it's been like 8 years now.
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    Ernie and Bert might get married!

    You are correct! Sorry Alicia you are wrong. I got a toaster for you lol ;p Why do people get a toaster oven when they become lesbian? - Yahoo! Answers
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    My new dog!

    Yeah he's definitely got American Eskimo goin' on. Cute dog for sure!
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    love my panda:)

    We're good, we live in Canada! Just for any clarification, I do not put Alicia in any rear naked chokes lol. I love you lots too baby!
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    Are you a Sexist?

    A fantastic video through and through. Great choice of a Tupac song at the end.
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    Celebrate Canada Day, July 1st, 2011

    Happy belated Canada Day! I had a very busy day yesterday and it continues today! The highlight of my Canada Day was spending time with Alicia downtown before having to DJ again at night! It was said that we had about three times the amount of people in Ottawa for the festivities than normal...
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    What's the oldest/youngest person you'd date?

    There's always the half your age plus 7 years rule for youngest lol
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    Hearing women dating deaf/HoH men

    I'm hearing and a DJ, so music is a big part of my life. My girlfriend is deaf and this isn't an issue for me in any avenue of my life. Yes, I did randomly one day think about if her hearing loss progressed to total loss and how that would make me feel if she could never hear me DJ or hear me in...
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    Mother shoots both teenage children. Tampa, Fla.

    I read this early, messed up.
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    WSJ: Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

    japan does not equal china. they have their own culture and it is different from ours. For most chinese people, the idea of using brain over braun is ideal. Why? Well, statistically we've been physically smaller than our western counterparts. I don't think it is necessarily right to make...
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    date ideas?

    Does this mean I have to take you out to the pottery place? :P
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    Members with piercings?

    I have my lip pierced and my ears gauged to 4. I've got a keloid on the top part of my ear, i don't scar well.
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    In love and life

    moulding someone takes too much effort and may not yield ideal results. go for what comes naturally. it's a lot more fun
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    Where are the deaf chicks hiding?

    It depends on how many chezzburgars you buy her
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    Yup, never lean your head back. I had my nose cauterized when I was younger, it wasn't the funnest thing to ever happen to me. I don't think the reasoning for not tilting your head back is about the blood going to your brain. I recall the reasoning being about not having all the blood go down...
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    $1 Billion Dollars House!!!

    The World's Billionaires -
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    $1 Billion Dollars House!!!

    Ummm he's probably wealthier than Trump. Trump has had to borrow money from other rich people in Hong Kong.