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  1. golfnut8

    Looking for deaf and hoh friends to practice ASL

    Looking for deaf/hoh friends to practice ASL and improve my signing skills. Was going to delete Glide but holding on to it for now. Please let me know and have a great day everyone!! :)
  2. golfnut8

    Looking for someone to practice Asl with

    My Asl is slow right now so I'm looking for someone to practice ASL with. I'm HOH and from Iowa. Nice to meet you
  3. golfnut8

    Hey hello

    Hey hello hey hello! I'm Junior Monthy. I'm hoh and know asl. Im shy at first but warms up quickly :)
  4. golfnut8

    Frustrated on uploading new photo

    Ugh!! I tried to upload my new photo and choose every one of my photo selfie but told me it's not a valid photo/too large. What to do to solve this??
  5. golfnut8

    Looking for new deaf friends to practice asl

    Hey there. I'm Junior Monthy. Sign name? J-r mimic golf... I'm hard of hearing and grew up know see but learned a lot new asl but lots to learn yet. :)