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    Help for Hard of Hearing vs. An Almighty Deafy

    here goes again, My name is Katherine I can't find my post so excuse me if this is a repeat. I am from RI and can certainly relate a lot of these posts. I have been going deaf and are at the point now where I am caught between the hearing world and deaf world. I have two children 11 and one...
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    Adjustment to late onset deafness

    Caught between worlds Hi, My names Katherine, and I am going deaf and stuck between the hearing world and the deaf world. It's extremely frustrating to me, so much so I actually have a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. Crowds, background noises forget it. Can't do it. I feel so Alone all...
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    Hello, My name is Katherine , mother of 2 wonderful children, devout Christain. I've been going deaf now for awhile,(about 20 years) though I am able to hear enough sound to read lips with aids. Was told I will be completely deaf at some point. Never learned sign language and am...