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  1. yagazn

    Hello, I'm back in. It's been a quite long time....

    I'm here to just checking this out. I'm not going to post too many thread like before HA. (I realized it's way TOO MUCH like ADDICTION and wasted my time GEEZ). So, take it easy for me to just read and relax.......... I spend times with my partner, family and friends. And do my other things I...
  2. yagazn

    Junk Food is bad for your health (Just 4 Info)

    Learn the Reasons Why Junk Food is Bad For You Is eating too much junk bad for you?. Yes, Junk food is high in sugar, fat, carbs, sodium, and really doesn't provide any kind of well-rounded nutrients for your body. Cheap and easily-accessible junk food is one of the reasons for high rates of...
  3. yagazn

    Just saying, "How you doing"?

    Ahem..."I'm doing fine" :doh: Wendy Williams trademark of saying "How you doin". YouTube - Wendy Williams: How YOU Doin? Instructional
  4. yagazn

    "Scream 4" with Neve Campbell, It's back....

    "New Decade, New Rules". On April 15, 2011. Scream 4 | In Theaters April 15, 2011 | Official Movie Site
  5. yagazn

    Guys with Baldness.....

    My friend told me that someone did not want to date guys with baldness. Are you okay dating guys with baldness?. Some of em' don't mind dating guys with baldness and some says, "As long as he looks HOTTIE". info: Embrace Your Baldness In 5 Steps - It is also a genetic hair...
  6. yagazn


    On ABC channel called "What Would You Do"? By 20/20. Check your local listing. See what their reaction was. Click info: What Would You Do? - ABC News
  7. yagazn

    "Wizard of Oz".

    Do you watch "Wizard of Oz"?. It's a fantasy movie almost like "Alice in Wonderland". Some people tells me that it is like a drug hallucinations movie, it would have to be a writer who is on drugs and make it into a great movie. Always show "Wizard of Oz" on TBS channel by cable every year...
  8. yagazn

    5 moves that make you look CHEAP...

    click info: 5-moves-that-make-you-look-cheap: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance No need to post here, if you want to.
  9. yagazn


    (Gasp) One of the AD member put home address and phone number on FB. Did u put your address and phone number on FB, I mean NEVER NEVER NEVER put it like that on FB. That's not smart. I'm not telling who it is (just for protection). Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!.
  10. yagazn

    disney parks offer alcohol (gasps)

    Not Your Parents what do you think about alcohol at disney parks/resort?. either dad or mom getting drunk, imagine forget the kids there at disney parks. i would say it's not good idea to offer alcohol at disney parks.
  11. yagazn

    Anyone who wear WIDEX? (BTE Digital HAs)

    I'm just curious, Are you wearing WIDEX? and how you like your BTE Digital HAs? Or Is BTE Analog HAs Better? I'm getting "WIDEX" BTE digital HAs next week. My HAs doctor said that If I don't like digital HAs then he will get me new analog HAs. I'm wearing my old analog HAs right now. I've...
  12. yagazn

    It Gets Better...

    Click Info: Stargazing | Tim Gunn reveals suicide attempt -
  13. yagazn

    Pasta Roni (Shells & White Cheddar)

    I tried em', I got it from Big Lots Store for 90 cents. Big Lots Store had some good stuff and cheaper. I added: white tuna albacore. MMM, MMM!, it's good. :thumb: off topic: I also bought phone case for $3 dollars, they're durable, great deal. The original price was 20 dollars for the phone case.
  14. yagazn

    Miso Soup with Tofu

    MMM, MMM! Miso Soup with Tofu.
  15. yagazn

    Stop using plastic bags at any store....

    Stop using Plastic Bags/Brown Bags. Bring your own "go green" bags..... I bring my own bags. Save the beautiful trees. Not just plastic bags/brown bags, there's more info:
  16. yagazn

    "Social Network" Facebook Movie. This young guy created facebook, it is story of his desire for social networking. My BF, friends and I will be watching this movie.
  17. yagazn

    Dangerous Health Risks of Being Overweight (Just 4 Info)

    Dangerous Health Risks of Being Overweight Obesity Health Risks
  18. yagazn

    Stalkers (Just 4 Info)

    Stalkers are Dangerous People! | Socyberty Watch out for yourself, Just be careful. I saw Oprah Winfrey the other day about Stalker Victims, that's awful.
  19. yagazn

    Brown Rice (Just 4 Info)

    Do you like brown rice?. Yes, I like brown rice mostly (white rice sometimes). WHFoods: Brown rice
  20. yagazn

    "Dearest Mommie" (1980's movie)

    YouTube - No Wire Hangers "No Wire Hangers"-> Joan's a scary woman played by Faye Dunaway (Good acting). Have you seen this movie before? Interesting movie. Here's the pic of real-life adopted daughter Christian Crawford and adopted mom Joan Crawford.