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    Gerry Hughes became the first Deaf Sailor to sail around the world

    Congrats to Gerry Hughes becoming the first Deaf sailor to travel around the world solo. Another success going into the Deaf history books. :applause:
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    Software that can be your interpreter

    Watch this video and let me know what you think. YouTube - IBM Voice-to-Sign Language Translation Tech
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    Drunk Guy Walked Into the Store

    OMG He had too much to drink lol YouTube - Blame it on alcohol....
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    Deaf Man saved his mom from the blazing fire

    Kent is my friend and I really knew him since he was a little kid in Manchester, NH. He did amazing job saving his whole family from the fire. I pray for his mom, hoping she get well soon. He should be a hero saving his mom, and should be honored. Here the article from Union Leader...
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    Skinit for MVP

    Recently I got free code from Purple Communication last month and did ordered it. It took couple of week wait for it to arrive. Skinit is very good to make cover for all devices such as PC, cell phone, laptop, and many other. Recently they added MVP cover and you can order it one for...
  6. R helps MVP?

    I was wondering if can help with MVP? I just saw DNS address in the router and just wondering if I can put address into the router? Will it help to straighten out with calls? Or just port forwarding that would only work?
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    Purple Down?

    I had noticed that I couldn't log in my MVP due to "invalid user name or password" I did tried again and again. It did not work. So I went to Purple website and the website is down. Then I tried to call Purple customer care and there was no answer. What going on over there???:shock:
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    Strange Bug Found in MVP

    Yesterday, I just recently used the MVP and I was looking up at the time on MVP. Guess what I noticed? It says January 1, 1970. Huh?? We are not really in 1970 we are now in 2009. I did called customer care and told them. They said that Purple Team engineer will fix the bug and will put it...
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    Anyone playing Guild Wars

    Anyone here in AD plays Guild Wars? I been playing the game for almost a year and it been pretty well but still need leveling up more with weapons and shields. I am already Level 20 but I wished they increase the level cap a little more. I heard Guild Wars 2 coming out soon but I will have to...
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    DeafNation Expo in Orlando, FL

    Anyone going to DeafNation Expo in Orlando tomorrow? I'm planning to go there with my girlfriend to have good time. My girlfriend is hearing and it will be good experience to teach her learn sign language and deaf culture which it is cool for her. I can't wait! I am so excited!
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    About IRS

    When I had called IRS (Internal Revenue Service) thru video relay service that I have questions regarding about refund checks. When I called them through HOVRS, IRS asked if HOVRS are using federal interpreters, and the interpreter says, "No, we are not federal interpreter." They said they...
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    Deaf Man Plead Guilty to Kidnapping and Murder

    There is new update regarding to Chris Lambert that murdered his girlfriend, Tallie Antolin. You can find this link regarding to the other link that tells you what had happened when he got arrested. He recently pleaded guilty to murder and kidnapping. Also, he going to spend time in jail for...
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    note found in Bulletein

    this is the one i found in one of the bulletein in myspace here is the copy: Gallaudet University is very dangerous. Body: October 25, 2006 1:30 PM Dear Colleagues, Gallaudet Faculty Who Voted to Remove Dr. Fernandes from Her Post as Gallaudet's Incoming President: I apologize now for...
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    anyone missed me?

    did anyone missed me? did anybody know yesterday was my birthday??
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    Cow Matrix style

    watch the cow and the guy do it Matrix style LOL
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    this make me really ticked off

    click on the link and read her journal this is really making me ticked off at on link and read on
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    Miss Deaf Texas Died in Crash AUSTIN, Texas (AP) -- The reigning Miss Deaf Texas died after being struck by a train, officials said. Tara Rose McAvoy, 18, was walking Monday near railroad tracks when she was struck by a Union Pacific...
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    VRS video

    Hello everyone! I know i haven't posted in the long time been busy for while. The reason I am posting here I only found a video that similiar to VRS. I was surfing around in and found this the link i found online. this video was submitted yesterday. VRS video...
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    Ask RedWolf anything!

    Ask me anything you want to ask....any question? :dunno:
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    What's Wrong With Those People???

    This newspaper article really annoying me. What wrong with National Guard and New Orlean Police?? Look at this article. Rapes, killings hit...