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  1. Caramlmachiato

    Air travel

    Hello everyone Iam HOH , it's relatively recent event and I didn't air travel before with my sensory hearing loss , what is your experience ? Is it different ? Any things I can do to avoid damage if it may cause it ? Iam already considering ear plugs I would appreciate ur feedback
  2. Caramlmachiato

    Tinnitus is driving me crazy

    Hello everyone , Tinnitus is driving me crazy it's really loud to the point I find it hard to sleep or function or enjoy anything , my doctor once told me he can't do anything bout it Is that true ? And how do you manage it ? Any lifestyle changes or any triggers I can avoid ? Any help is very...
  3. Caramlmachiato

    Can hearing aid damage hearing ?

    Hello everyone ,, I have just started wearing hearing aids , and I have a question Can hearing aid cause further hearing loss because of how loud it makes sounds ? I asked my doctor he said no but he is very dissmisive to everything I say and I don't really trust him
  4. Caramlmachiato

    New here , coping ...

    Hello everyone , Iam Safa Iam in my thirties and I have lost most of my hearing just this year , Iam trying to find my way around this ... Iam happy that I found this place