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    Deaf Man saved his mom from the blazing fire

    With heavy heart to say this...Kent Clark passed away at 9:45pm tonight. Heavens just gained an angel. What I remembered about him, I watched him grow when he was little boy. His smile always capture everyone's heart. My friends watched him grow and taught him things by doing the right way. He...
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    Deaf Man saved his mom from the blazing fire

    Kent was wearing white shirt on the left. That was me wearing New England Patriots hat.
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    Deaf Man saved his mom from the blazing fire

    Update from his aunt: Update on Kent: Friday 12/8/17. I want to begin this update with some feelings and thoughts. I am not normally a person who shares my most difficult family problems on facebook. Unfortunately and fortunately, facebook allows me to relate to the many people I need to reach...
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    Deaf Man saved his mom from the blazing fire

    Sorry I should have keep up with the postings here. I know it is old news, however, few months after he saved his mother, Kent Clark's mother had passed away unfortunately. Her body was 90 percent burned and did not survive. Up until today, Kent Clark is in the hospital which he is in ICU...
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    Feedback on Z5 Max?

    PM me please as well :)
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    ACCESS Communication Software for the Deaf

    How was the progress going at Nextalk?
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    Gerry Hughes became the first Deaf Sailor to sail around the world

    Congrats to Gerry Hughes becoming the first Deaf sailor to travel around the world solo. Another success going into the Deaf history books. :applause:
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    petition to have the White House officially recognize ASL

    Any news on ASL petition from the White House?
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    Save My VRS

    Why you blame on ZVRS for causing this mess? It was SorensonVRS who caused fear factors to the deaf communities. If you meant the mess that FCC was causing the stir in this problem, you can put a blame on John Yeh, former owner of Viable, who was not being honest with the deaf communities by...
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    Save My VRS

    Feline, Yes, I just edited the name in my original post. Thanks for letting me know. :ty:
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    Save My VRS

    This came in the news from iDeaf news. iDeafNews This video came from one of the staff from FCC, his name Gregg Hlibok, who worked for FCC. He will explain more about VRS reforms.
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    Save My VRS

    Add one for out of business VRS: OneVRS OneVRS had been waiting to be certified but so far nothing is happening at this point. I did joined ONEVRS, which it was awesome to use. You can use their VRS service is using the Google Talk through webcam which it sounded great to me. But now...
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    Students accused of stealing 30 iPads from school

    I believe that they got caught because it is possible for IT administrators who worked in school, they can try track down IP addresses or MAC address. I supposed that is how they got caught. I think they wrote down MAC addresses in case of theft.
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    Speech to text for phone with Android 2.2 OS

    You can find an app which it can be found in Google Play. There is one app that can use speech and text. Very easy to use. I had it in my android tablet and it works very well. You can try it yourself and let me know how it works for you. The android app for text and speech can be found...
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    Jury Duty

    How can dead bees can go to jury duty? LOL
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    Jury Duty

    I know this is a old post but I have jury summon this Monday. This is the first time that I ever done in my life. I did requested to have interpreter set up and they told me there will be two interpreters ready for me on Monday. I have no idea how long it will take when I get called to the...
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    FCC Announces New Rules for 800/866/877 Numbers No Longer Free

    I guess that the way to go. Since hearing people using the 866/800 numbers they are taking advantage of those free calls. If FCC orders all VRS to remove all 866/800 numbers, I think hearing people will be forced to pay a long distance calls to deaf callers. If deaf people make a long...
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    Need VP Number Only

    I am thinking that asltech is looking for videophone that would transfer the call to another employees. Same thing when I called tech support about something, and they don't have an answer right away; so they forwarded my VP call to tier three to a different person. This is the example I was...
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    Ok, What's Out There?

    Wirelessly posted Since she using cellphone and she is HOH, she might need voice-carry over(VCO) where she can use her voice and can see sign language interpreter or text message. I am not sure if ConvoRelay have VCO service, but I know ZVRS has the best VCO service. SorensonVRS had to use...
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    Post your speed!

    my signature below I did testing not too long ago....