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  1. mypjpants

    Hearing partner can’t learn asl

    I have a partner that has a mental disability, as well as developing arthritis, not allowing him to learn very much sign language, or at least not enough to have a simple conversation with. I’m slowly losing my hearing and have almost gotten to the point of severe hearing loss and I’m worried...
  2. mypjpants

    Do you remember music?

    For all the people here who progressively lost their hearing and now are profoundly deaf, do you remember how music sounds? I'm asking because I'm losing my hearing and I'd like to know if I'll at least have the memory of music.
  3. mypjpants

    Help on working sorenson videophone

    I've applied online for sorenson mobile because the customer service line would not give me a representative no matter how long I waited(and sometimes ended the call unprompted) and now I'm a little confused on how it works. Will I have to wait for them to approve me? Or did I do something...
  4. mypjpants

    Looking to practise asl

    I'm looking to practise my asl. I'm a little rusty from not being around deaf and hoh people for a few years and I need to practise for my job. I'm willing to use FaceTime, Skype, Glide and Discord for anyone who has one or doesn't mind making an account for it.
  5. mypjpants

    Any deaf people here who like rock?

    I wanna know how many people here like rock music of any kind. I know the beats are usually fast and loud so it's pretty good for deaf and hard of hearing people. And if so, what's your favourite song?
  6. mypjpants

    should i tell my boss?

    I recently got a job that requires i answer the phone every so often, and i did let my boss know that im hard of hearing, but i told him that it wouldnt hinder me in the job in any way. should i tell my boss that i cant really answer the phones? im afraid ill get fired despite the americans with...
  7. mypjpants

    New to the deaf community but not really.

    Hello, my name is Juno, I recently had it confirmed that I'm hard of hearing after a long time of speculating. I'm actually not all that new to the deaf community though. From the time I was little I was always obsessed with asl, I thought it was a beautiful language and even as a 7 year old I...
  8. mypjpants

    how useful are hearing aids?

    I recently was diagnosed as hard of hearing and I'm thinking about getting a hearing aid for my right ear(the worse one) but im wondering if it will help any or if itll just be a waste of money.
  9. mypjpants

    Need help learning proper ASL grammar/syntax

    Hello. I've been learning about deaf culture and signs for over a year now, and like I'm sure any person would suggest when learning sign language of any kind, I pursued the DHH community and made a lot of friends along the way. But, because of the fact that my community has a majority of...