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    Jack and the Beanstalk

    I am looking for someone else who is Deaf and fluent in ASL. He or she may tell the story about "Jack and the Beanstalk". It is hard to find online. I would like to watch it. I really appreciate it if you could find it for me. Thanks for reading this post.
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    Study-Work and SSI

    I am a college student. If I have a study-work, will SSI be affected? Should I inform it?
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    Transcribing Voice Recorder for Captioning Services

    Hello, everyone. I have used a voice recorder on my phone for recording conversations. However, there is no interpreter, I have a hard time to hear what my family members or friends in a group say. Are captioning services able to get records and transcribe them? Thank you for reading this post.
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    Sign for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing

    I just am curious. I can't find ASL dictionary signs online.
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    Sign for solicitation

    Solicitation | Define Solicitation at "Solicitation" means to ask people to do something for you, right? I can't find the sign for it.
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    Edit my post

    I put the post a few months ago. I review one of my posts. There is no "edit" button. How do I edit it?
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    N5 Cochear implant How long does batteries last until they are dead?

    I am planning to travel on my vacation this summer for 8 weeks. I prefer to use batteries instead of the charge. I have my Nucleus 5 Cochlear Implant. Before receiving N5, I can't remember what my old cochlear implant is (Maybe 4g EGrit). I can't spell it, anyway. 4G EgGrit needs 3 batteries...
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    If I wear my CI, is it okay to go through security checkpoint at airport?

    If I have my CI, can I go through security checkpoint at airport? Last year, I went to security checkpoint at first time; however, my teachers told flight assistants (probably officers) about students' CI and rather use padding down instead. After returning to home, I had an appointment with...
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    Deaf International

    I thought about Deaf International. It is good to meet Deaf people who come from different countries know foreign sign languages. It should be cool. Are you interesting to add "Deaf International" category to AD?
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    Sign for crime

    I have wondered about sign for crime. I can't find it on ASL dictionaries online. What is the sign for crime?
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    Nice! New P3 is here! Look at this!

    New P3 - Purple Communications
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    What browser do you use now?

    Count how many people who use IE, Firefox or Google Chrome.
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    Adobe Illustrator Help!

    My graphic design teacher let me to join the graphic design class in the half of the year since I transfer to different school. My school have Adobe Illustrator CS5 or C5S (I can't remember the name). Those are older version. We use PC, not Mac. I try my best as much as I can. My teacher does...
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    Can D/HH people become engineer?

    I want to become an engineer. I am very good at math. Although my parents thought it is too hard for me to study engineering, I disagree with them. Have anyone who are deaf or hard of hearing already become engineer? What do they do in engineering?
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    Delete posts

    I do not know how to delete my posts. Is it possible to delete them?
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    Hello! My name is Chimajo. I recently joined here. I am deaf. Nice to meet you.
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    Improving English skills

    If Deaf people have hard time with English, they need a help for writing letters, correcting grammars or something, so they can send them to hearing people. Are you interesting to add "English skills" on AD? I have other idea. For example: A person need a help for correcting English grammar...
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    Do you think ZVRS will shut down?

    No way! I never use ZVRS before. I heard that ZVRS is so bad, and it sucks. Using P3 and Sorenson is good. :D
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    World of Warcraft

    Do you play WoW?
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    NTID/RIT. I still think about going there.

    If you guys go to NTID/RIT, you can share your experience with me. I want to go there. What is your career/major? I heard that some people need to go to NTID and improve their math and English skills. What else?