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  1. DeafTim

    Sandusky wants a new trial

    Jerry Sandusky asks judge to overturn abuse convictions - NCAA Football - I hope the judge refuse a new trial...:eek3: He's still in county jail. :lol:
  2. DeafTim

    Mentally challanged woman attacked

    6 teens arrested in taped beating of Pa. woman - Yahoo! News just aint right...smh
  3. DeafTim

    Bad news for McRib Lovers

    The McRib That Saved Christmas? McDonald's Delays Return - Yahoo! Finance WTH? What makes it ok to say we're gunna have warm December? I ate 3-4 McRibs last yr and I will not buy one this time..gonna make me wait? Up yours!
  4. DeafTim

    Cheerleader amazin' story

    The girl with the 'zebra leg' wows Hog country - Yahoo! Sports What a brave young lady!... I think her mother did a good job with her beautiful daughter. I mean, you are who you are.. nothin to be ashamed. I guess hidin a person's deafness is much easier. :roll:
  5. DeafTim

    The first 48

    It is my favorite tv show today..I mean, the show is a big deal. I look forward to the show all day when there is a new episode. The crimes are real, dead bodies are real, real homicide detectives and murder suspects. Very entertainin from the beginnin to the end. Anyone else like this show?
  6. DeafTim

    very brutal murder of a woman

    I warn you, the story is very bizarre and gruesome. This crime happened right next to my county..not very far. I thought maybe you should know what happened to this poor woman...
  7. DeafTim

    Walmart employee robbed

    Men Kidnap, Rob Walmart Employee Near Easton | WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio Wow, just crazy...I havent heard of this crime in a while. :shock: I've been in the area before but hardly.
  8. DeafTim

    Fight Audism youtube

    Fight Audism - YouTube To understand more about audism..good stuff I'd love to join wit her b/c the attitude I deal with, oh man, makes me want to retaliate so foo-kin bad.. ya know, avenge audists.
  9. DeafTim

    Question about work and SSDI

    Ok,y'all.. I've been thinkin about gettin a job with big newspaper company deliver newspapers...make extra easy cash. I collect SSDI as most of you already know. How does this work? I know you must report to SSA if you are workin. I just dont want to lose my disability benefits. Maybe someone is...
  10. DeafTim

    California Teen Leaves School,Moves in with Former Teacher Holy Shit!!! Really? The teacher left his family and his job to move in with his former student? Freaking PIG!! :shock:
  11. DeafTim

    Health Insurances cover BTE HAs

    I really want to get a new (bte) HA. I dont like my current one b/c it's a digital (bte) HA with a negative feedback. I have my hearing aid turn all the way up. When the battery gets low, it's not loud enough. I just switched health insurance from Medicare to United American Part D. I do know...
  12. DeafTim

    What color is your t.v. closed captions letters?

    I got a nice flat-screen tv for christmas and I tried every color. I like yellow the best b/c yellow letters is not too bright or too dark. Of course panel color is black. I use caslon font style and the words are big. It's much easier for my eyes. White letters are sometimes hard to read b/c...
  13. DeafTim

    final report on exotic animal owner

    Im sho' some of you remember the story about the owner released his exotic animals and sheriff deputies killed over 50 of them. Good stuff, 4 pages. Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office releases final report on Thompson | Zanesville Times Recorder |
  14. DeafTim

    Ohio teen killed in head-on fiery crash

    This happened not to far from my town and I couldnt believe it. I saw the accident scene live on news. It was bad. Who would pass cars on double lane lines and cant see oncoming cars? This is just foolish and nonsense. I went to his facebook and seems like a nice kid. Very sad...
  15. DeafTim

    Ohio man excuted after vulgar last gesture

    Cleveland child-killer executed after vulgar last gesture | The Columbus Dispatch :shock: I follow Ohio executions but this one is different. He flipped off his ex-wife after he was poisoned. :lol: He sho' hadda big meal and america is hungry. :roll:
  16. DeafTim

    Hearing Impaired NFL Cheerleader

    This is way cool not to share this story. Didnt say how she lost her hearing. Hearing impaired cheerleader doesn’t miss a step with Chargers - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports Chargers are 4-1 and in first place in their division. Grrrrrr
  17. DeafTim

    Tree falls on car killing female driver..

    Tree falls on car in Calif., killing female driver - Houston Chronicle I want to share this story b/c it is horrible and scary. She was waitin' in her vehicle at red light. Check out photos. So sad. :( They dont even know why tree fell. I dont know why big trees in middle of road to begin...
  18. DeafTim

    Father arrested for abandoning his son

    Minn. dad who abandoned son arrested in California - Yahoo! News The father lost his mind and left his son behind b/c of 2 reasons. Foreclosure and Economy GO FIGURE!!!!
  19. DeafTim

    Dog mourned the death of Navy Seal

    At funeral, dog mourns the death of Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan | The Lookout - Yahoo! News I almost got a tear in my eye. That was tough!
  20. DeafTim

    Jury recommends death sentence for Cleveland Serial Killer

    Jury recommends death sentence for Cleveland serial killer - Most victims' families are happy and please watch the vid. :) On Fri,the judge will make a decision. GO INDIANS!!