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  1. FinlandForever

    What Are Jobs Deaf People Can't Do?

    Well in Finland, continuing my career as a Veterinary Nurse was put to a stop very quickly. I worked in Australia for many years in legal and then in veterinary nursing. After an assault, hearing is now completely gone. I was at school here in Finland (learning Finnish) and then came the...
  2. FinlandForever

    Looking for a special person to give all my heart and love.

    And handsome as sin :dance2: The woman who you connect with will be a lucky one indeed. Good luck !!
  3. FinlandForever

    What if......

    I have more face masks than my cats have hairs on their body. Bur if the population of Earth is vanquished by the virus, there will be no survivors - not even those of us covered in shed cat pubes.
  4. FinlandForever

    Deaf and ......

    I live in Finland and wish you best of luck with your search. I learned a very long time ago that reaching out and making friends with hearing strangers is a very dangerous thing to do. I have been assaulted a few times by drunk men who assume I am ignoring them (there are too many bars next...
  5. FinlandForever

    Question for girls.. would you ever date an ARAB guy?

    That is so messed up on every level. :(
  6. FinlandForever

    Question for girls.. would you ever date an ARAB guy?

    Well "arab" would be properly used as "Arabic" just as you wouldn't say "china guy", you would say "Chinese guy". I have never dated an Arabic man. I don't know about their culture or religion or anything else. I live in Finland. I speak with ASL. I am Deaf. No matter who you choose to...
  7. FinlandForever

    here to make some friends also happy to help the beginners to learn ASL as well

    Hi from Finland, Korey. Deaf here, very bored from Koronavirus quarantine. I hope your day or night is a good one. Heippä! :)
  8. FinlandForever

    What do you do for living?

    I am an author and publisher. I haven't been inspired to write for a long time, but amazingly I today started again. I guess isolation is kicking my brain into gear once again.
  9. FinlandForever

    Complicated intro

    [Thanks, I am very familiar with both places. Thomas Sandholm (Deaf news reader) is husband of Phillipa Sandholm of Finnish Association of the Deaf and she has had her fill with the Finnish government and Kela's surdophobia. I am also aware of the Finnish Sign Language classes but would be...
  10. FinlandForever

    Never have i ever ....

    I have never: - been skydiving (terrified of heights) - had braces - been scuba diving - eaten sushi - been to NYC - gone zip-lining (not really even sure what that is) So do I win? Am I drunk? Do I remove article of clothing or what? :D
  11. FinlandForever

    Where is everyone from?

    I was born in and lived most of my life in Australia in Gubbi Gubbi Country but moved to Finland in 2000 when I met a Finnish man online and we fell in love. I was HOH back then but when I became fully Deaf, he decided he wanted out. We both learned ASL (as Finnish authorities refused to teach...
  12. FinlandForever

    App for deaf people? "What do You need?"

    I use many speech-to-text apps, but as for my "Disability" - please do you want to explain as I have none. The problem with a lot of speech to text apps is that most do not understand a foreign accent. It will pick up perfectly a Finnish person speaking and put it to text if you choose...
  13. FinlandForever

    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    My family in Australia are the same. My ex-husband here in Finland learned ASL with me but nobody else. I use Skype (with captions) to talk to my family in Australia, as my dad is too afraid to use a computer - and also wants to kill the man who took my hearing away. I would so love to have...
  14. FinlandForever

    Complicated intro

    Thank you Tousi, much obliged. I am ASL'er as government refuses to teach me FinSL. Luckily poliisi here use sign language which I understand and if they cannot understand when I sign something, they write English to me :)
  15. FinlandForever

    Facial Masks- COVID-19

    I am a germ-phobe and have had my own masks for about 15 years. Facial expressions are not a problem as I am the only Deaf person I know, with a few exceptions of a hearing mother with her Deaf baby, and an interpreter with a Deaf/blind man and a Deaf woman who I met one day. I am Deaf living...
  16. FinlandForever

    Stay at Home Order

    I have been doing a lot of reading on my tablet. At night times just before bed, I turn on the TV to see what has CC shows. I live in Finland. As an author I considered writing again, but thought better of it. I have no drive at the moment to do so.
  17. FinlandForever

    Complicated intro

    I am a Deaf user who lives in Finland. My situation is a little complicated but I will do my best to explain it. About ten years ago, I met somebody online. We fell in love. We got married. He lived in Finland. I lived in Australia. And we had to make a choice - to live in Finland or live...
  18. FinlandForever

    How is your weather today??

    -7 degrees and snowing :) Sent from my GT-P5100 using AllDeaf App mobile app
  19. FinlandForever

    Greetings from Australia!

    I learned AUSLAN for around 10 years, both in Queensland and ACT. I am Australian Aboriginal who now lives in Finland. Finnish sign is very different to ASL or AUSLAN. Good luck and welcome :) Sent from my GT-P5100 using AllDeaf App mobile app
  20. FinlandForever

    Totally new to sign language!!

    Not all of us. I am 43 Deaf. Sorry you feel that way :( Sent from my GT-P5100 using AllDeaf App mobile app