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  1. lovezebras

    Planing on getting CI

    I am looking into a CI also. Haven’t gone to do the eval yet. Need to get an ABR done first. I’m looking at AB though since their HiRes 3D implant works with MRIs up to 3 Tesla which I do get on a semi regular basis. This was important for me. At one point I was looking at cochlear but AB had...
  2. lovezebras

    head set reccomendation

    I have a set from starkey that my work got me. It's a binaural headset as well instead of a monaural. I can turn it up a lot louder so it drowns out the background noise.
  3. lovezebras

    ASSR vs ABR and Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder

    Hi! I haven't been back on here in quite some time. I have a pair of new hearing aids (Oticon Opn S) and with this whole mask thing i'm looking into getting a roger pen with boots for my ha's so that I can hear my customers properly. My audiologist suspects that I have ANSD. She is looking...
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    A type 1 diabetic can't "control" insulin. Type 2's are insulin resistant but t1's its because we don't produce insulin at all...I can eat the same things anyone else can as long as I cover it with the same amt of insulin a non diabetics body would...
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    Sorry haven't been on here in forever! I have the medtronic pump as well now. I got the cgm as well last month. It's called the dexcom. Medtronic has one too the sof-sensor and now the enlite in the states. We already had the enlite here in canada but apparently according to others its not as...
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    Man has cockroach pulled from ear

    I saw a show once where the girl had a bump on her neck was having hallucinations etc ...dr asked if she had travelled anywhere and had a hunch on what it was..put vaseline over the little hole/bump and an hour later she started screaming because whatever was in there was coming out and it ended...
  7. lovezebras

    Shirt designed to hold CI Processors

    I think that's great! I love stuff that is waterproof :) saves me from ruining stuff that shouldn't ever be near water :P
  8. lovezebras

    got hit

    I live in ottawa ontario canada and we rarely close schools for weather and we cancelled all busses and closed our cheer gym which never happens either lol Was -38 Celcius which is -36F which unfortunately is common in the winter...these are the days I flat out refuse to go outside was...
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    So 6 months ago I was dx with type 1 diabetes and it's been hell trying to control my blood glucose numbers and keeping them all the time in a good range. I went on a cruise not long ago and that was basically a sh*tshow of trying to keep good numbers and limit my food intake. I check my blood...
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    What I'm getting is NOT a standard glucose meter. It is a CONTINUOUS glucose monitor. You wear a sensor and the sensor checks your blood glucose levels every 5 min. There's a reason I put the links in for people to read because it's not just a regular meter and a regular meter wouldn't cost...
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    Communication Devices Diabetes Supplies Enteral Feeding Supplies Hearing Devices Orthotic Devices Ostomy Supplies Pressure Modification Devices Prosthetic Devices (Breast, Limb,Ocular, Maxillofacial) Respiratory Devices Visual Devices Wheelchairs, Positioning and Ambulation Aids...
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    Oh definitely not! There's a lot of medical devices that our health system doesn't cover. My hearing aids for example are not covered only given a certain amt per ear as a discount. My grandfather uses a CPAP machine and same thing only a certain amt is given as a discount. He actually buys his...
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    Hey everyone! As some of you know I have type 1 diabetes. Keeping my blood sugars in a good range is pretty hard sometimes. I don't feel low blood sugars most of the time and something called a continuous glucose monitor would help me with that by alerting me of low and high blood sugars...
  15. lovezebras

    Could ABR Tests not be correct at times?

    This happened to me..had the ABR and it didn't show nearly as much of a hearing loss which is why I was having a hard time getting the CI. CI audi pretty much said (first time) I was faking how bad my hearing loss was ...needless to say she got a NASTY letter from my audi!
  16. lovezebras

    I hate advanced bionics

    DrPhil is in canada NOT the US so things could be different. Also he hasn't been implanted as long as you either so I'm not sure if you may have gotten a letter a LONG time ago and maybe the offer doesn't stand anymore for batteries etc. Can you not try and go through a 3rd party company for the...
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    welcome I am from ottawa :) welcome to AD
  18. lovezebras

    New Naida Q

    Soundrelax what does that do again? Lol I'm so befuddled at all the new features of stuff and just put it on lol
  19. lovezebras

    New Naida Q

    Ya i have the naida V UP core UP (first generation naida) and the new Naida Q70 UP the noise reduction on the new one is actually really good compared to the other. I was wearing just the one today to get used to it faster and not my right since my left hasn't had like any stim since christmas...
  20. lovezebras

    New Naida Q

    So I got the new Naida Q70 UP today! It does sound much better than the SP and better than the Core UP I have. I can't tell much difference yet since everything was a bit loud today. I haven't work a hearing aid in that ear since around christmas :/ I go back in 2 weeks for a follow up fitting :)