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    Good Bye to My Great Uncle Owen

    Sorry not much post here laterly anyway another part Sad news: I just found out that my great uncle owen's passed away last sun (aug 9) due his sick for long time so will have go to Funeral today n tomorrow noon said good bye to my great uncle R I P Owen Clark
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    Here my baby smore

    Here the pic of Smore it's girl :D
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    research new pager

    which do you recommend SK, BB or etc ? which i wuld like ask some question or ur option i m plan buy one soon ..but need ur help which good one?? pls stay topic and NO BASH or NO OFF TOPIC or ur topic will remove by mod thanks. So pls feedback and i will try answer ur question :ty:
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    Sad news

    I was very in shocked moment and when i get home from work few hour ago and my roommate has information to me aabout that my good friend Mickey Barry has passed away recently last sat. i know him for many yrs and he is very good friend of mine since last time i seen him at deaf club in 1999. I...
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    Evan Tanner 1971-2008

    I just find out abt Evan's news from internet i m not sure if y'all knew abt it or heard abt his's death so here link is UFC® : Ultimate Fighting Championship® Unless if somenoe already post in here same or not so let me know thx R I P Evan Tanner
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    Want let y'all know

    I want to let y'all know that I won't be online for while due move new place soon next week also i just turn PM OFF n REQUET FRIEND OFF too for while...bec i will not have time to check ad or online and ects.. till everythings settle new place ects.. and i don't know when i will come back, pls...
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    Pls Pray for My Mom

    Hello it's been so long time since last time i check AD...and I would like request ur pray for My mom bec She will have surgery on her's back this Thursday morning when she will arrive to hopstial in monring before havin surgery on her's back So I will be with her this Thursday and I will let...
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    New Update pix of me

    Other pix those 2 pix i took pix before go to mom day at church last sunday ;)
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    Cedar Point for the Deaf Awareness Day

    On aug 4th 2007 will have deaf awareness day which i m plan go also here more Information so y'all can check out Hope see y'all again!
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    Heyy guess what!!

    This early monring since 5am when bear wake me up i was like *mutter* said come down you gotta see that i was like *mutter* then get up go down and said to her * what heck wake me up at 5am for wha?* and noticed that first puppy born so i has wait another hour and finally saw second baby born i...
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    Hey it's me and christlovedeaf

    Here check out! it's me and him he is sqeeze me! hah! other pix is Christlovedeaf :giggle:
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    Hey Guess what!

    HAPPPYYYY BBBddayyyy CHRISTLOVEDEAF!!! :hug: :birthday: :birthday: also have fun! mwah mwah mwah
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    We have deaf expos in Columbus ohio Saturday, April 28, 2007 Franklin County Veterans Memorial North Exhibition Hall 300 West Broad Street Columbus, OH 43215 Exhibit Hours: 9am to 6pm Cost: FREE ADMISSION The event includes: - Exhibitions (FREE) - Entertainment (FREE) - Seminars &...
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    Yo RedheadGrrl!

    CONGRATE ON ur 3k post!!!! yayaya :hug: and glad that you make it reach 3k finally! Gurl
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    Finally i just take 2 pix of mine since my hair been change DYED as HotRedSpicy so here you go! other pix don't mind abt DVD which i stand by lol anyways enjoy!
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    Here my Car

    Not sure if right this place so you can move my new thread to other thanks mod! smile check out!! it's red as sunfire :D since i just buy new car today :dance: i love this one!
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    US university for deaf reopens amid bitter row over next president

    I m not sure if it's right this place so you can move my thread to somewhere thanks! WASHINGTON (AFP) - A leading US university for the deaf reopened after the arrest of student demonstrators who had shut down the campus for three days in protest against the choice of a new college...
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    At least six killed in Amish school shooting

    At least six killed in Amish school shooting Gunman among dead, according to state police; others wounded FREE VIDEO • Deadly shooting at Amish school Oct. 2: Officials say at least six people are dead following a shooting at an Amish school in rural Pennsylvania. MSNBC...
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    Deaf Event

    One of my good friend email to me so i thought y'all wanna check out ;) 7th Annual Holyfield Club of the Deaf Welcome you to the Christmas Party December 2, 2006 Kayla's Banquet Hall &Party House 2820 Morse Rd Columbus, Ohio 43219 $500.00-$2,000.00 GIVEAWAY!!! Door prizes...
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    Let discuss about with interracial date

    I wuld like have discuss abt interracial date if it already other thread I will understand but I just wanna ur option that all :) How you feel when find out that ur good friend or best friend went on interracial date make u feel uncomfortable or don't care abt it plus important love am I...