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  1. Booger_Bender

    Single deaf - seeking friendship

    Hello everyone, My name is Dylan a.k.a. Booger Bender. My story is a long one but the short of it is that I'm originally Californian native. Moved to New York for a woman that the relationship didn't work out after 8 years. Currently stuck in New York and I don't know anyone Deaf out here. I...
  2. Booger_Bender is recruiting people with ASL proficient skills for captioining ASL videos

    Hello Everyone, My name is Dylan Mahoney (Booger Bender). I am the Deaf Liaison for We are currently the world's largest translation/captioning platform. We're expanding captioning in all areas possible. Currently we do not have many people with ASL skills to caption ASL videos for...
  3. Booger_Bender

    Amara( wants to know how to better serve the Deaf community.

    Dear everyone at, I'm Booger Bender from Amara and I'm their manager of the Deaf/HOH department. We caption videos using crowd source and contributor power videos online. The goal is to bridge the gap between hearing and Deaf world. My colleagues and myself would like to see what...
  4. Booger_Bender

    Businesses hanging up on relay calls

    Is there anything I could do if there's no possible way to make a simple call to my housing management where I live without being hung up on and denied connection? I have been finding it very impossible to use relay services anymore due to the constant hanging up by hearing user. It should be...
  5. Booger_Bender

    Sound Proofing rooms for Deaf Freedom from Hearing complaints

    I just had an idea. After the many years of constant complaints of noise which Deaf can't help much even the most conscious Deaf people have this problem; it's time we consider sound proofing important parts of the house such as the Bedroom or kitchen. This way any hearing neighbor or roommate...
  6. Booger_Bender

    "Pay Attention!, to be quiet when cooking breakfast!"

    Deaf people are constantly walking on egg shells around hearing people. I just don't understand how one person can tell you "If you pay attention you would be quiet" is that ill conceived or what?
  7. Booger_Bender

    Why do Deaf people feel ignored by many?

    This question has plagued the Deaf community for centuries. Why must we all queue or be the last to conversate with anyone? I don't understand it. Anyone care to explain? Moved to Our World, Our Culture Moderator naisho
  8. Booger_Bender

    Whitehouse Petition to make all online media content accessible. READ MORE...

    Hello Everyone, Please share and sign this petition. I have written this to support all online media should have subtitles mandatory by law. I need 25,000 signature before January 19, 2012 help me obtain this goal and inform the government why it's so important to have this. Thank you so...
  9. Booger_Bender

    Free Caption phone for Deaf

    Hello Everyone, I'm asking if anyone knows about a free caption phone or phone for the deaf (not relay) how to obtain one and where. please be kind. :):deaf:
  10. Booger_Bender

    There's never any privacy for Deaf people.

    One of the biggest pet peeves (mostly just me however, I think there are others like me out there) When I go to the bathroom I expect privacy. That's common decency right? Not for my instance. I lock the door to prevent people from coming in. Since I'm deaf I can't hear if someone is knocking or...
  11. Booger_Bender

    Universal Subtitles dedicate a Occupy Wall Street video section to be captioned.

    Hello Everyone, Feel free to pass this link around and encourage friends, family, co-workers, doctors, even your grandparents :) Ocuppy Wall Street | Universal Subtitles be sure to mention Booger Bender when you share. Thank you! -BB:deaf:
  12. Booger_Bender

    OCCUPY WALL STREET has asl interpreter!!!! i am not sure how long or if its only for today. nonetheless there's an asl interpreter right now on visit and also mention that booger bender told you all about it. thank the people who provided it. cheers! -BB
  13. Booger_Bender

    seeking higher education Gallaudet University

    Hello Everyone, I've been pondering at the thought of attending Gallaudet University to finish my education and obtain my degrees. I am wondering if they have housing support for spouses? Only thing that's hindering me on moving is finding a place to live while attending. I'm currently...
  14. Booger_Bender's closed caption thread with insensitive comments

    Hacking NetFlix : Netflix & Other Companies Face Yet Another Lawsuit Over Captions On this post there are comments you wouldn't believe and it would piss off anyone who needs closed captions. Be warned though there are some serious messed up comments in there. I advise to remain calm when...
  15. Booger_Bender

    Left out of the fun again..

    Today my fiancee's best friend and her 4 kids including two other adults went to see the smurfs movie today. I was excluded because, "I'm deaf and wouldn't be worth the investment". Real shocker for Deaf people to not be able to watch a movie with everyone else. I thought ADA law was effective. :/
  16. Booger_Bender

    Hearing partners always angry/frustrated

    Why is it that every hearing person in a relationship with a Deaf/hoh always angry and frustrated at every thing we do? I don't understand and it has gotten to me so much. Why do we deserve it? If you reply, keep it clean, and respectable thank you. - B.B.
  17. Booger_Bender

    Deaf people are not hearing why do we get flack still?

    It's 2011 and a lot of things indeed has changed for Deaf/hoh culture. however a few very striking problems in mainstream society still exists today. Perfect example is Netflix and their Hearing followers. "Why should Netflix caption videos it's a waste of effort". comments like these and many...
  18. Booger_Bender

    Journalist interested in story on P2P - opinions needed

    ATT: ALLDeaf members, Booger Bender here is recruiting people who are willing to be a part of a story on p2p and deaf culture. All of your opinions are necessary and important. The goal of this story is to get the Deaf culture out to the internet and start changing the net to be accessible...
  19. Booger_Bender now has a Deaf/International Discussion forum!

    Hello! Booger Bender is back and wanted to share with everyone here. Universal Subtitles is committed to supporting Deaf/International worldwide and now have a discussion forum only for Deaf/Hard of Hearing people. We would love to see all feedback on subtitles, movies that need...
  20. Booger_Bender

    Booger Bender Promotes Deaf Culture and International Audience

    Hello Everyone! I'm proud to inform that I Booger Bender is promoting universal subtitles to caption the entire Internet. Help me, Help all of you by joining the project and sharing about it. more people know the sooner we will caption everything!. Be sure to mention Booger Bender...