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  1. cdaigle430

    ASL going away like I predicted

    Four years ago I asked members why continue to embrace a dying language like ASL? Most laughed and scoffed at me. My question is how do you feel about ASL going away now and technology offering much better ways to communicate than having to learn a complex language skill? More importantly my...
  2. cdaigle430

    ASL, why keep embracing it

    I know I will ruffle some feathers with this post and please understand it is not my intention. Why does the deaf community hold ASL so dear and not embrace the future? To me ASL is useless in my surrounding world so I embrace technology as a whole. I have even been a contributor of...
  3. cdaigle430

    Help-Sling TV on Smart TV or Roku2

    Needs some help with both as they may be related. Have a Smart TV with Dish App annd could never get closed caption to work on any of the channels in the Dish app for smart TVs. Got a message from Direct TV that they are getting rid of the dish app for smart TVs and they sent us a free Roku 2...
  4. cdaigle430

    If you were given the chance to start any career

    What would you choose based on being HOH or Deaf? I am asking because I am being given a very rare opportunity to change careers for free. I need ideas for careers that a HOH or Deaf person can grow with please. I am currently in information technology but find it increasingly more difficult to...
  5. cdaigle430

    Homeland Security to buy 1.6 Billion Rounds

    Mmmm, Our Homeland security agency is gearing up to buy 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition. Why? Are they expecting an invasion from Canada or Mexico? Are they stocking up on ammunition to control US citizens? Is Obama thinking about continuing on after 2017? Think about it, last year...
  6. cdaigle430

    Some new medical achievements happening

    Interesting-maybe in my lifetime? BBC News - Grown hearing-hairs 'beat' deafness in mice
  7. cdaigle430

    Audio Test Keeps Getting Worse

    Well, was just informed that my hearing dynamic range is getting narrow to the point that even hearing aids will not be able to help. I may have another 4 to 8 years of help from hearing aids and then I have no idea whats next. He set me up with an ENT because he thinks there is something...
  8. cdaigle430

    Ipad CC Not Working?

    I have 9 new movies like Harry Potter etc. But for some reason cc does not come on even when I have it selected. I also do not have the iption for cc on youtube videos for the Ipad but I do on my PC? It could be operator error but I figured I would ask you all how to get this to work-if...
  9. cdaigle430

    Some Statistacal Info on Deaf and HOH

    Good Article...(Did a search and did not see this article anywhere else on if it's a repost.) How many deaf people are there in the United States
  10. cdaigle430

    Finding Miss Right?

    Hi Alldeaf Members, hope everyone is having great day :) Just got out of a relationship that didn't work well at all because of me being HH-her Hearing. Its no ones fault just that it just doesnt work sometimes and I still think she is a wonderfull person. Anyway-I wish her the best. So...
  11. cdaigle430

    A hearing aid that cuts out all the clatter

    This is interesting, I think I'll ask the VA if they can supply me with a hearing aid's that can use this new system. Anyway, I think it has reall possibilities-what do you guys think?:cool2: NYT: A hearing aid that cuts out the clatter - Health - Aging -
  12. cdaigle430

    Need Help

    Hi AD'ers, I have a critical job that requires me to be on call 24 x 7. We are issued company Blackberry's and the current model is the curve 9930. I also have a Serene RingMaster Cell Telephone Ringer, Flasher 95dB with the optional bed shaker. Problem is the flasher and ringer won't...
  13. cdaigle430

    Tax this, tax that, tax everything

    Even though it was written three years ago, it is a good article and one of the reasons I am now a Tea Party member Tax this, tax that, tax everything April 17, 2007 9:30 PM BY HOWARD J. BLITZ Tuesday marked this year's deadline for all Americans to pay their annual...
  14. cdaigle430

    Some good news from Youtube :)

    Good for us.....:cool2: BBC News - YouTube adds video captions for deaf
  15. cdaigle430

    Job losses send disability claims soaring

    I agree with these people who are claiming now. If I ever get laid of my goal is to apply for disability because like this guy said "aint nobody gonna hire me", especially nowadays. Until then, I'm going to work as long as I possibly can. Job losses send disability claims soaring - The...
  16. cdaigle430

    Burger King Selling Windows 7 Whopper in Japan

    The Japanese are cool!!! Burger King Selling Windows 7 Whopper in Japan - Tom's Hardware
  17. cdaigle430

    HOH and or deaf events in maine...

    Is there even such a thing? I have been unable to find anything and all the websites I googled are outdated by almost a year.
  18. cdaigle430

    MJ is nothing more than a Pedophile.

    New York Congressman Blasts Jackson as 'Pervert, Low-Life' - Political News -
  19. cdaigle430

    Jury rules against Minn. mom in download case

    Okay, I agree she did a bad thing but come on-1.9 million dollar fine? I 've seen alot hyprocrites claim that she got what she deserves but I'm certain that just about everyone has illegal coppied software on their computers wether you realize it or not. All she did was share, she didn't sell...
  20. cdaigle430

    A little help with Blackberry 8800 pages

    Hi, I have a Blackberry 8800 World Edition from work. I am an IT professional on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Up till now I have been using the load setting with the classic ring mode for alerts and pages while I'm sleeping. Lately I haven't been able to hear them so I was...