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  1. Aquaman

    Really BAD Gas Mileage

    8.3 MPG average city and freeway driving the last few hundred miles... Dodge Viper. From my OBDII Monitor. 19 gallon gas tank and I find myself looking for a gas station after just 110-130 miles... But the smiles per miles are worth it! -Aquaman
  2. Aquaman

    Enrolling KODAs in a State Deaf School's PreSchool Program?

    I have 3 KODAs who are almost 2 1/2 years old and have an IFSP (baby IEP) transition meeting with the state department of education in 2 days. My wife is also deaf although she uses a mixture of sim-com/PSE (late deafened), talking and some ASL. I use ASL. Our kids L1 is ASL. We both work...
  3. Aquaman

    Best Deals on the Samsung Epic ($189.98 Total to Door w Contract)

    I decided to take the plunge and started looking for the best possible deal on a Samsung Epic. I checked ebay, craigslist and the local stores. They are going for about $350-400 on Ebay, and about $400-$525 on Craigslist. I personally HATE being locked into a contract but I decided to...
  4. Aquaman

    Deaf Tow-In Surf Team - North Shore, Oahu

    We got our first winter swell a couple of weeks ago and headed out to do some tow-in surfing. I grabbed my GoPro Hero HD and captured some footage before the battery died. We stayed out towing for 7 hours. Good times. :D Be sure to select 1080p for max quality if your connection is fast...
  5. Aquaman

    We're Having Triplets...

    :shock::shock::shock: I'm trying to find other deaf couples who have had multiples. We are trying to figure out the baby monitor/light alarm maze... It's turning out to be more complicated than I thought it would be. :hmm: Are we alone? -Paul
  6. Aquaman

    Hello from Southern California

    Hi everybody, I'm deaf, 31-years-old, very fit and single. I choose Aquaman as my user-name because I dive, surf, spearfish, kiteboard, fish, and kayak. Name anything that has to do with the ocean and it's very likely that I do it. :wave: Besides my real first name was taken. I'm...