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  1. mizwytch

    I'm back!

    Been gone a while and what a ride it's been! A lot has changed since I last had the chance and time to get online and come over to AllDeaf. :wave: First off, we no longer live in Georgia anymore...we now live in a place called Grayson, Ky. Quite pretty, quite rural. LOL I was also blessed...
  2. mizwytch

    Any recommendations of which digital aids best resemble analogue?

    Hmmmm...maybe since I have never had any sort of hearing aids before I will adjust quickly to the digital ones. I truly hope they do help. While the little buggers don't come cheap, they are still far less expensive than the implants. I have only just recently been granted...
  3. mizwytch

    Any recommendations of which digital aids best resemble analogue?

    Hmmm...I am being fitted with digital hearing aids for the first time. I've never had hearing aids of any sort before. Not even sure if they will work. I go Nov. 8 to get them and have them adjusted or whatever they do. I don't even know what brand they are. I only hope that they work even a...
  4. mizwytch

    Need to Interview People for a College Inquiry Project

    Well, April, I am not sure exactly what kind of interview you need...but I am deaf, no implants of any sort. I am being fitted for some type of digital hearing aids in two weeks. I don't know what kind they are really. I had the molds of my ears taken yesterday. I wasn't born deaf. I started...
  5. mizwytch

    Do complaints about CC do any good?

    I know I have tried complaining to YouTube officials or whoever is in charge to correct the CC on the stuff they have...because it sucks. I have tried watching American Horror Story as well, and the CC on it was so bad that it was just gobbledygook. I have a hell of a time finding anything...
  6. mizwytch

    Yet another ASL student *sigh*

    Welcome! Wow...looks like a lot of us are just learning. :)
  7. mizwytch

    Yet another ASL student *sigh*

    WELCOME! I have been a student of ASL for several months now. My hearing finally pooped out this past year and I realized I was going to have to learn how to sign. My hubby has been learning with me because communication is difficult otherwise. AllDeaf has been a HUGE help for me with dealing...
  8. mizwytch

    18 Deaf passaengers kicked out from plane over security concern

    Uh...WTF? I have lost my hearing...not my mobility. I don't know whether to laugh or just be disgusted at the stupidity shown here. Both I think. *laughs derisively*
  9. mizwytch

    More radical changes are coming in from Facebook.

    Here's something else all us FaceBook users and so on need to be aware of too. :( The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers” And Monitor Billions Of Conversations About The Fed On Facebook, Twitter, Forums And Blogs
  10. mizwytch

    Why are you deaf?

    I lost my hearing due to several reasons...menieres, an abusive boyfriend some years back, ear infections as a child, and an abusive step-father. It was a gradual thing at first...but then BAM! This last year the hearing went the way of the Dodo. Eh, I miss a few things...but being Deaf is ok...
  11. mizwytch

    Windows and Microsoft SUCKS! So, here's what I did about it...

    Hmmm.... I volunteer at Free IT Athens, we refurb computers and then give them to schools, the disabled, etc. Or, people can buy them really cheap, ($50), to help fund our organization. We get a lot of desk tops donated,mostly Gateways, Dells and ASUS. If a person is basically all thumbs and...
  12. mizwytch

    Windows and Microsoft SUCKS! So, here's what I did about it...

    Ok....thanks...will try this tomorrow while I am working on both it and a laptop, and I will let you know how it goes. :ty:
  13. mizwytch

    What UNIX GUI OS?

  14. mizwytch

    Windows and Microsoft SUCKS! So, here's what I did about it...

    Thread is NOT spam. Don't like it don't read it. A lot of us have switched to one version or another of Ubuntu...which Zorin is. Dude, I didn't use FREE antiviruses or firewalls...I paid money for both AVG and Zonealarm. Updated automatically on a daily to how the fucking malware...
  15. mizwytch

    Windows and Microsoft SUCKS! So, here's what I did about it...

    Updated regularly, nearly freakin' daily...shitloads of updates that was bogging down my computer. Had primo antivirus and firewall programs...NOT free ones either. This user DID update EVERYTHING on a daily basis...unlike some people I never went to phishing sites, porn sites, crack or warez...
  16. mizwytch MMORPG

    Hey all, I got turned on to this cool, and FREE, online RPG called Phantasy RPG...check it out. :ty: :: Main - Fame Free WebBased MMORPG
  17. mizwytch

    What UNIX GUI OS?

    I have had no issues with it. It works great with everything I had with the windows OS. There is the WINE program to help you run windows programs if you want/need to...and then there is the PLAYONLINUX program to be able to play games the run in the windows OS...say for instance like Diablo...
  18. mizwytch

    What UNIX GUI OS?

    :D I believe you will really like it. Just exploring and playing with all the stuff available is loads of fun...TONS of programs to add too.
  19. mizwytch

    What UNIX GUI OS?

    So how y'all liking Zorin so far? :)
  20. mizwytch

    I Won't Fight Cancer Again

    Oh...gawds...I can not help but cry for you deafbajagal...and I truly wish I was there to help you, because you need SOMEONE. I can't begin to say how appalled I am that NO ONE, not friends or family, cares enough to be there for you and with you...:tears: Strong though you maybe, you should...