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  1. Sasha64

    am back after being away for soo long!

    Hi there all Sorru fpr being away for so long and sooo much have happened since i was last year at christmas time and with so much going on in my life. Have moved to a new school and is now running the new Deaf unit in an all hearing school with my students from last year. And also...
  2. Sasha64

    can u believe it or not Xmas is cancelled?

    LMAOO wouldnt that be so damn hilarious!!
  3. Sasha64

    Santa get slammed for not wearing his seatbelt

    this is very funny pic of santa getting slammed.
  4. Sasha64

    Cute hearing boy trying to work out where the voice was coming from.

    This is based on a true story that happens last week at my deaf school. LAst week a group of children from our neighbouring school were invited over to our storytime event. The children were 5 years old and only been at school for few weeks. One of our Deaf staff was telling the story in...
  5. Sasha64

    AT long last he is found guilty today!

    It's what we expected' - Agnew family News - Yahoo!Xtra News After one month of trial at the court covering so many witnesses and evidences etc.. Finally the sentence was given today and many of us deafies were sooo stoked and cheeers that it is finally over and Emma can now be put to rest...
  6. Sasha64

    Hmm Dannyboy and Sharky are up to trouble again!!

    Not!! This is to get ur attention to let you know it CAlvin's Birthday today so want to wish him a very happy birthday and hope u have a wonderful day today.
  7. Sasha64

    Dang Someone been naughty

    Hehe Not!! It a birthday message to a dear friend Joile as it is her bday today.(IM early even though we have the same date).
  8. Sasha64

    Does Anyone here ever suffered from Migraines?

    Am just wondering if anyone here can tell me of their experience with having migraine and what triggers it and how do u get over it For me Stress is a big trigger for setting off my migraines and will often last for two - four days depending on how bad. If it is severe i would often just...
  9. Sasha64

    Your Country Anthem

    Sorry to be a p.i.t.a but need to do some research for teaching my deaf students here in New Zealand about different Athnem for each countryas in preparation for the Olympics that coming up next month. Can you guys help me list the names of the songs please it would be a great help also the...
  10. Sasha64

    Happy Birthday SG!!

    Hey Sg Happy birthday to you!!!!! MyFunCards eCards: Birthday > Birthday - Friend > Teddy Bear
  11. Sasha64

    Sharky's Fave Song "Danny Boy"

    Oh Danny boy, the sharky and donkey pipes, the pipes are calling From sea to sea, and down the ocean side The summer's gone, and all the waves are dying 'tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide. But come you back when summer's in the sea air Or when the beaches' hushed and covered...
  12. Sasha64

    Update on my Dad

    Hi guys Just to let you know that my Dad has been a real fighter but now is starting to lose the battle as he has now totally lost his visions and is very beddridden also losing some functions of his organs especially his bladders and his heart is starting to take it toll on him. He will...
  13. Sasha64

    Am struggling at the moment!

    Just to let you guys know that right now am really finding things a little difficult due to many things that are happening in my life. 1. My father is now very gravely ill and will soon be gone from this world. 2. Experiencing alot of stress at work due to many issues that have arised...
  14. Sasha64

    Just found out

    Hi everyone I just recently found out that I have inherited my father's cardiac disease so now will have to change my lifestyle to make sure my heart is healthy. It was a huge shock to recieve this news but now Im more prepared to make some changes earlier unlike my other family members...
  15. Sasha64

    What is an AD Caucus??

    CAn someone kindly explain to me what this all about as two people have mentioned about this cacus and it surely sound like something interesting where some people gathered in a way. I would like to know abit more about it but have absolutely no clue about it. Thanks
  16. Sasha64

    Never thought I would make it back here after such a long time

    Sorry it been so long since I have been back to AD and thought i drop off a line to say hello to the oldies and the newbies that have been added since i was last here. I am doing well and still busy with my life plus also there have been some good things and bad things happening but I just...