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    Help the deaf to listen and talk!

    I use speech notes app. My deaf bro hates it tho I wonder why its not popular with some deaf.
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    Hoh mum, hearing kids

    I type on phone or tablet if my signs are not understood. I use sign language but our family is not fluent. One brother knows asl. When communicating I have a hard time understanding language. I'm looking cochlear implant, I have hearing aides but they don't seem to work well. Everyone...
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    Smoking and Vaping around the kids

    Marijuana will be legal in Canada next month. Medical mj is legal now. Not sure how this done when kids are involved.
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    Have You Went To Psych Ward Before?

    when going to phyche ward you loose your rights. you can speak to a lawyer at hospitAL.
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    Losing my hearing

    Trust youself. Study deaf people who were successful. I have a deaf family and I remeber my late deaf mother who spent a lot of time in bed and PJs and refused to learn sign. I was 10. My deaf bro went to RIT and learned sign. Totally opened my world.