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    Big Age Difference in relationship

    ahh i now can see it, you just didnt bend the 3 fingers down enough... ;)
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    ATTENTION-Daylight savings

    Aww jeez!!! no wonder why everybody was yelling at me for missing my meetings! *rolling eyes*
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    Have you ever ??

    my shit?? isn't that unusual?
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    Beauty .vs. Pretty?

    Yeah and bitch-slapping at you!? hehe
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    Voted "I'll find out when I die"
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    Truth or Dare Experinces

    I prefer Dare than Truth because it makes thing more exciting! The most Daring thing that I have ever done was making out with the same gender..... Oh My Lord!
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    Big Age Difference in relationship

    aberrcrombie03, pardon me for going off the topic but doesn't your sign in avaitor say "SISBA?" while ure trying to say "SIMBA?"
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    got accepted to...

    Missy, any reason why you don't want to try RIT??
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    Aprils FooL day

    Eh it depends on... and also this guy was soooo guillable, let me give you guys a bed time story... Once up on a time, a guy were sitting on the computer chatting wtih friends on AIM. When a friend of his told him on aim "Hey, we captured Saddam Hussein!" The boy jumped out of his chair and...
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    Blonde Pole Dancer *warning*

    haha I was afraid to click it since i was in public place but i was like fuck this and *clicked* Whew!
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    RIT --> Retard Institute of Technology Gally --> Gay And Lesbain Loves You
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    *OFFICIAL* 3rd AD Party!

    tell me... should I go to this AD party?
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    Ask VamPyroX Anything!

    psst.... who is the god... - Little Rose Palm and 5 fingers? - Bill Gates?
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    Ask VamPyroX Anything!

    aww why can't I have her?? Can't you share??... remember "Most Favorable, Less Favorable!"
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    Ask VamPyroX Anything!

    It could be me??
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    MY 100TH POST yay!!!

    *looking at my numbers* I still have a long way to go but who cares anyway
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    Why Why Why Why!!!!!!

    Damn!!! everybody is demanding the technology and its speed! We can live for other 10 second, 30 second or 1 minute.... we aint going to die
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    Let's see how smart you all are.

    damn! Vamp Beated me to it! I need to start getting more involved in this AD........ when I have TIME for it
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    Im New< Need Friends!!!!

    One way that you can receive many help is go to RIT!