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    New SorensonVRS VP is now in beta testing.

    Just heard about this new VP. Not exactly VP 300. The VP is a much smaller device. So I guess that this VP could be released in a month or so after the successful beta testing. Have you heard anything like that?
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    Sorenson Showdown

    What is going on with this Sorenson Showdown? It will be shown or announced at the DeafNation Expo in Phoenix.
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    Dlink 615 from Purple

    My friend just bought P3 netbook and Dlink 615 router ($20.00 extra) from Purple. Could not connect wirelessly as the error window kept popping up stating that the wireless connection could not find a certificate code. I had never seen like that. I had been working with the wireless routers with...
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    Beta P3

    It has been a long time since the problems, different names in HOVRS and P3 logins, in P3 address book has not been picked up. Still in Build 49 version. Any idea when a new version comes out?
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    Upgrade to IE8 on P3 Netbook?

    Wondering if any one of you already upgrade to IE8 in P3 netbook? Any problem? If none, notice anything better?
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    VP mount or holder

    I googled all over for something like VP Mount or holder. Small flat that fits on the top of flat panel TV where a VP can stand safely. I know it is plastic. I saw one like that but could not recall where. Hope you can locate that for me. Thanks
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    Frustrated with Alert Signalors

    I had purchased the alert system from Amiphone (Alertmasters) and not happy with them. Then I switched to the Silent Alerts system but still not happy with it. So I am wondering if any of you are happy with the Silent Call system (Smoke Detector w/transmitter, Telephone/TTY/VCO...
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    Mail2web Changes and Upgrades

    Hi.. Just let you, Mail2Web users know of this new exchange upgrade. The new basic Mail2Web service starting on May 1, 2009 will no longer support ActiveSync that I am using to get emails. If you want to continue what you are using right now, you have to pay 4.95 per month if that is what I...
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    ATT U-Verse Cable TV

    I need to hear from any of U-Verse cable TV subscribers. I am Comcast Cable TV subscriber and I can split from the Cable coax wire to one Comcast reciever (then connects to one TV) and to a few other cable-ready TVs ( without any reciever, up to 125 channels). So I am wondering if U-Verse...
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    Wireless Innovations Rebate

    After I purchased my smartphone from the Sprint Relay Store, I submitted my first Sprint rebate and got it. In third billing month, I submitted my second rebate form to Wireless Innovations that distributes all BB phones and others for the Sprint Relay Store. I have no info on how to check the...
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    Reserve the Z from CSDVRS

    Starting today, we can sign up to reserve the Z mobile VP in but I could not find a box where we can check to reserve the Z. That would enable us to purchase with a special discounted price when the Z become avalaible in September or so. If any of you know where to sign up for the...
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    mail2web working? or maybe ActiveSync?

    Past few days, I have not gotten any mail2web email. I checked ActiveSync status and it shows Microsoft Exchange as connected. But "synchronizing folders" takes a while like 10-15 mintes and then "looking for changes" but it never complete synchronizing. I had to stop it and check to see if...
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    NotePad for WM 6 Smartphone Suggestion

    I am researching for a simple and straightforward Mobile NotePad freeware program. I am looking at Vieka WordPad but rather wait for any good suggestion from any of you. Thanks
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    Blocking Phone calls program for Smartphones (WM 6)

    I am looking for a program for blocking both ways, outgoing and incoming phone calls for Smartphones. The reason for this is that I could not hear any sound that outgoing call is accidently on. I found many programs but only block incoming calls. I hope you have a good finding for me. Thanks...
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    Weather Home Screen plugin for mobile phones

    I tried a few plugins but some are too big or not friendly or too many lines. I am looking for just like 5 days weather in 1 line (small icon) in home screen. My mobile is Moto Q 9c, WM 6 Standard. Hope anyone out there have good number of plugins for me to look into. :ty:
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    Direct Push Email activity

    My Moto Q 9c (WM 6 Standard) has automatic send/recieve so I set at 5 min intervals. I wish it can go lower to 1 min interval but couldn't. I use Gmail server. Any suggestion on faster automatic push email feature. Thanks
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    What happens to Dead for awhile... Any idea?
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    Not sure if the rumor is true about CSD being closed?
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    Is Lifelinks VRS misleading deaf community?

    Click here... :pissed:
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    CSDVRS recalls all Dlink VPs ?

    I heard that all installers are instructed to return Dlink VPs to CSDVRS. Any idea why ? One was not happy that she could not get the VP so she decided to go for Sorenson.