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    Deaf Pickup Lines?

    When I was hearing and much younger, my bad drunken friend would say "is that a mirror in your pocket, I can see me in your pants" mostly he would get slapped, but other times it worked. He always had better results than me. I never had the nuts to be rude.
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    who been single? look friend?

    Rachy your right around the corner from me. I've been looking for an excuse to head to the mountains and relax this summer. PM me anytime, I love to talk to anyone. I get bored listening to myself think.
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    Where do I turn to??

    i live in Raleigh, NC, hearing loss org is having a gathering for breakfast on 8/25, come and join along. Also check out they may have something of intrest for you.
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    Have anybody reed to kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee?

    Yes and the book is the best
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    Bionic Lens Implant Could Improve Vision Beyond 20/20

    And my CI turned me into Steve Austin.
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    Newbie here

    Welcome aboard...
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    South Korea Holds Its First Butt Beauty Pageant

    I'm Korean, I watch Korean TV and believe me they need to get some padding back there. I suffer the no butt affliction. They need to start a no butty awareness week.
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    prednisone for hearing loss

    You may want your ENT to start a direct injection of steroids it can be painful but is more direct without all the side effects. A tube may help with fluid.
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    CI choice

    I also went MED-EL, I got the newest implant Synchrony, 2 Sonnets and a bonus Rondo as a promotion. Additionally there are 2 vouchers you will get 1 for a Quattro 4.0 neck loop and 1 for a rechargeable battery when they are FDA approved. I'm probably going to return the Rondo and exchange for...
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    32 Male seattle

    Welcome, I suggest there might be some groups for you to join in your area and if not atart one.
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    35 and newly deaf in Washington DC

    Hang in there, I lost hearing in 4 months I know there is a lot to absorb, your lucky you have a supportive spouse to help you along. I've had to go it alone and it has been a challenge. Keep your hopes and spirits high. Give me a shout out if you need help on your new journey.
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    4 Months and Hearing gone

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the deaf gig, but I'm learning how to adjust. I got a case of A.I.E.D. back in December 2014 and lost hearing in my Left Ear, I had a CI surgery scheduled for Mid April 2015, 2 days prior my Right Ear lost hearing. My ENT was saddened by this information. None the less I...