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  1. WonderBum

    WANTED: Digital Photo’s of Sign Language Recognition Events

    WANTED: Digital Photo’s of Sign Language Recognition Events for a WFD Congress Presentation. Digital photos must be of high resolution either in Black and White or Colour (preferable less than 300kb in size). These can be celebration of official recognition of sign languages, marches for the...
  2. WonderBum

    Poking everyone...

    Hi ya all... Pokes.. Just wanted to say 'Hi' after being absent from AD for too long... <bends over so Alex can cane me for being a nawty boy> :whip: :bowdown:
  3. WonderBum

    15th WFD Congress - Madrid

    In a few more months the congress will be happening... Who on AllDeaf is definitely going to be there? I'm one... naturally as a keynote speaker and International President for a Commission there... Would love to see more ADers there, like the ones I saw in Colorado after the last WFD...
  4. WonderBum

    WFD Congress Abstracts Deadline Extended

    Hi everyone, If you were planning to present a paper at the 15th WFD Congress in Madrid, Spain July 2007 and thought you missed the original deadline, then no worries as its been extended to December 15th 2006. Sordos 2007 Cheers Kim
  5. WonderBum

    Middle Earth.... Fellowship of the Deaf - a trilogy

    High de high ya poor sods freezing in the Northern Hemisphere winter.... Right now am soaking in the big pour that's emptying its bladder over New Zealand.... I know I haven't posted some time lately and I owe ya heart breaking sob story... nah.... :fart: Gotta say I'm still on a...
  6. WonderBum

    Movie Captioning in New Zealand

    My ugly mug shot Hey ya all... you can see me online in this video promoting captioned movies in NZ on TV. Cheers Wonderbum
  7. WonderBum

    And more of WonderBum's Mischief

    Sorry I don't have the html links... as this was emailed to me... Thursday, October 2 2003 - 01:59 pm Routine CAPTIONED MOVIES ONE MORE TICK ON THE LIST NATIONAL (NZ), RURAL AND WEATHER DEAF...
  8. WonderBum

    WonderBum's mischief.... Deaf to get captions on top films 27.09.2003 Captioned movies targeted at the deaf and hearing-impaired will be launched in New...
  9. WonderBum

    Here I come!!!

    Am outta hair and off 2 the Airport.... here I come!!! For info..... I'll be here and there.... Looking forward to meeting those who are meeting me. Chow for now... of to a boring 12 hr flight to LA LA Land...
  10. WonderBum

    Meet WonderBum

    Wed 16th July LA - Backpackers Paradise Hostel 7pm Staying here for 1 night... liven me up please... Thurs 17th - Sun 27th July Montreal Am gonna be around for the WFD Congress/Conference... if ya need to find me ask...
  11. WonderBum

    WonderBum's Party

    Check back here for the pixs as I load them up from tonights Party at my place :naughty:
  12. WonderBum

    Baa Baa Fuel - Better use of sheep Best fuel source baa none? Tim Bowler BBC World Service business reporter You could soon drive to work on one New Zealand is a country with an awful lot of sheep. One by-product of the country's meat industry is thousands of...
  13. WonderBum

    Over 600 members and still growing

    Way to go! Over 600 members joined AD. The more the merrier and wider participation of this forum will benefit everyone. Welcome to all new friends! You will enjoy AD!
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    Gotta love this!!
  15. WonderBum

    Who's going to WFD - Montreal?

    Please use this thread if you are going to the WFD Congress/Conference in Montreal - July 18-26 Don't use it if you are NOT going..... If any ADer is going - I would love to meet up with ya and maybe we can organise a wee AD piss up...
  16. WonderBum

    Canada/usa Here I Come!!!!

    It's on and I'm coming over to Montreal. I have stayover in LA on 16th July if ADer wants to host me and my sidekick Delegate before we head to Montreal the next day. Am heading to Denver / Colorado Springs July 27th - Aug 4th and am planning to attend the last day of the MAAD Softball...
  17. WonderBum

    ATTN: Knightwolf

    Please email me: I can't promise - but I may be in Colorado at the end of July after WFD in Montreal depending on if the funds come through. Any chance of organising a huge Deaf party/fundraiser? Kim
  18. WonderBum

    The Homemade Planes

  19. WonderBum

    Toilet Talk

    Now for those who want to know more about toilets from New Zealand and the way the water goes.... here's the pix....
  20. WonderBum

    Political barriers for Deaf challenged in New Zealand

    Hi ADers... this an advance of the media release for your enjoyment.... Cheers Kim aka WonderBum A Human Rights complaint has been laid with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission over the lack of access within politics. Mr Kim Robinson a member of the Kirk Branch under the Labour...