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    DNA databases

    I haven't, but I'll be sure to check it out! :) I'm a sucker for dystopian futures and stuff - so long as they're only in fiction. :D
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    DNA databases

    Hehe, it feels like that in the UK sometimes! :D
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    DNA databases

    That's the problem, I can't imagine how it would be abused because my knowledge of forensics isn't great.. perhaps I'm just being too suspiscious of it, but I just don't know. :hmm: but I'm worried about its abuse under invasion of privacy, too, because I feel as though it would only be a...
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    You ever get people who tell you not to use sign language?

    Oh yeah, all the time - I had a friend of the wife tell me to stop signing to my daughter, because "It's making her lazy and she doesn't want to talk". :roll: I told her she doesn't know what she's talking about. There's been people also tutting, shaking their heads, frowning, and even one...
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    Left and Right Hand Signing

    I'm left handed for writing, and left handed (mostly) for one-handed fingerspelling alphabets like ASL - but, I'm right handed for two-handed alphabets like BSL, and right handed for signing. :)
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    Sleeping with the TV on....a must for some people?

    Ugh, I can't sleep when the TV is on - much less when the wife turns the TV on in the middle of the night, like, to check the time or if she's awake, all of a sudden there's a bright light in my eyes and I'm like "Grrr" :D I do however have a hearie friend who can't sleep without the TV on, but...
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    DNA databases

    Wow, they're talking about the same thing here in the UK. I'm not sure what to make of it. It seems like it could be used for good, but it could also easily be abused. It seems as though the gov'ts propose things like keeping people's DNA, or as in England, Every phone call, email or website...
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    Hi and welcome :)
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    Hi hello everyone!!

    Hi and welcome :)
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    Shooting death of tourist in N. Korea

    Whoa :/ I don't get the attraction of going there. Not only is it meant to be extremely expensive and a long wait, but there's not much to see, I'd guess. Why not go to South Korea, or for that money, Tokyo Disneyland? :D
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    Should American voters care what the world thinks about the presidential candidates?

    I believe no, it shouldn't. Vote for who you like, and who wins is the one obviously preferred (unless there is vote tampering, but I don't want to discuss that possibility!). Why should non-Americans get a say? :D Do Americans get a say in non-American politics?
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    SIP the Vodka...

    LOL! Awesome :D
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    Deafblind Forum?

    I'm all for it :)
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    Cued Speech: self-taught?

    I've taught myself the basics of Cued Speech. I can understand which handshapes are which, but I'm not great at it. I doubt I'll ever be. I only learned it in one afternoon when there was nothing on TV :D
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    Police break up marriage of boy, 7, and girl, 4

    Four years old... what the... I'm speechless... :O