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    New and wanting friends

    I love being on the road and get away for awhile. I flew once but that was just around the airport that was it. Would like to practice on ASL :) I'm from Iowa nice to meet you :)
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    ASL Video Chat??

    I do have glide :)
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    Hey. I'm still learning ASL. I'm kinda slow and needs improvement on signing. I was thinking about deleting Glide but decided to hold on to it for now :) I'm from Iowa nice to meet you :)
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    Looking for a Deaf/HOH friend to practice ASL with!

    I'm from iowa and have glide app to help learn new ASL
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    Hey hello

    I do have glide. What's your glide
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    Where is everyone from?

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    Yes I do :)
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    Cool I was going to delete it due to lack of friends :(
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    Looking for deaf and hoh friends to practice ASL

    Looking for deaf/hoh friends to practice ASL and improve my signing skills. Was going to delete Glide but holding on to it for now. Please let me know and have a great day everyone!! :)
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    New to ASL

    Hi. I do know asl but need more practice and improvement. Grew up know SEE sign language. I'm from Iowa :)
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    This shutdown sucks. Trying to keep my mind busy... have a great day!!

    This shutdown sucks. Trying to keep my mind busy... have a great day!!
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    Looking for someone to practice Asl with

    My Asl is slow right now so I'm looking for someone to practice ASL with. I'm HOH and from Iowa. Nice to meet you
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    Hi let chat any time ok.

    I'm from iowa
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    Looking for deaf friends

    Golfnut88jr is my glide :)