Apr 29, 2003
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they need to be more honest with me about their boyfriends. i mean everytime i met them, they were all over on me all night, flirted with me and all that shit stuffs. but then until the show ends, they became cold towards me and my friends told me they had boyfriends. motherfuckin teasers! :mad2: :mad2:
men- tell us your experiences...
women- tell us WHY did you like to tease on men while you had boyfriend?
you could solve your women problems if you just turned gay
Im a woman and i like tease but i don t cross the line. if im with my partner i deffy will not go cross the line.
Originally posted by bbnt
you could solve your women problems if you just turned gay
Then you will eventually start developing men problems and decide to go straight again!
Yeah..i agree with ya, Rocky. I've met with many of girls and all over for me too. Next day..they usually cold or change to another personalities.. Damn girls! Show the truth...act true themselves!!
im a woman myself and i love teasing other women -- but i DO NOT cross the line when i know theyre in a relationship with their partners -- if a woman didnt like it and she says so i would IMMEDIATELY stop the teasing and leave them be -- i believe in respecting them and same time enjoy some good teasing fun without it going anywhere further -- if the woman feels uncomfy abt that and she says so -- thats no plm with me -- those that i DO tease (the straight women) knows im just teasing and takes it all in good fun and dont take me seriously

ive had ex gfs who felt my teasing other women was a bit TOO MUCH and have said so -- at that point i TRY not to tease too much but ahh can be challenging sometimes if the women starts it and i get snared into it then i get a bitchfit from my gf over it :ugh:
Ah maybe some women arent happy w/ their bfs and need more attention from other guys? Thats what I think.

I don't do that. Flirting is a different story.