Who is single here?

i have been single and lonely for about 1 month now. My sister and my mom are both going to see their boyfriends tonight and I'm staying home all by myself :( Really with I had someone to be with as well.
Hello everyone

Am still single, Im Hard of Hearing dont find myself fit-in with a Hearing girl or sometime..I do but cant trust it. geez sucks! feel free to send me email at santosrony60@yahoo.com eheh!
single at the moment, but its my choice school comes first then the joys of work and fun can come later
Still single - as of 5 months but there's someone I like so I'm just taking it really slow and seeing how things play out.
Been single for a while now. Not really looking but would be nice to perhaps meet someone new to talk too :).
I'm 33 years old and been single for some time. Hard to find a deaf/HOH woman of my dreams. All I could ask for in her is to be passionate in what you do, be active in anything (willing to teach or better yet, be taught heh!), build trust, and love sports! Being beauitful is not nessecary but it'll be a big PLUS!:fly: