Who I am? :)


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May 1, 2003
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I'm sorry for not letting you know that I joined alldeaf.com about a week ago. So- would like to tell you who I am... This is Natasha!!! You guys can call me a nickname is Nata. :)
Hiya Starrynata :) Sounds like Starry Night by van Gogh. I love this particular painting, and it's my desktop wallpaper. hehe

Welcome and enjoy! :D
Hey, I love STAR!!! RY, from my dog's name is RYsha. and my nickname is Nata, so I put it all togs, sounds perfect!! ~*Starrynata*~ Agree or disAgree with me?

Yeah I know what you mean abt starry night!! sounds cool! :)
Welcome to AD, Nata. Enjoy your stay. :)
aww hello natty ... i always call u natty hopeu will let me to calling u natty hehe see u soon huggs and happy have u in ad!!!!! and jeff too!!!