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Mar 12, 2003
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the most important thing a terp should do the first time you meet them before class, appointment, things of this nature? besides introduction, of course. my guess is what style would you like me to use, asl, pse, contact, see? let me know what you guys do?
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To answer your question...

I think that you should talk to them a bit and get to know them like their names and if there's anything you should know about such as how their names should be signed and how some words should be signed. That way, if roll call is done... you'll know when to emphasize their names. I've got a friend whose name is Chris. One interpreter didn't know who he was so when the teacher called out his name, she signed it in a dull way and my friend overlooked it. Also, you could learn a bit about the student by how he talks so you know what to expect when doing sign-to-voice interpretation as well.
thanks for the info vamp. i guess i should have been more specific. all of your advice was excellent, but i am already aware of these important communication bridges. i guess i was looking for a number one must that deaf /hh really want to know or express. from my experience with school age kids is what you said. i'm looking for maybe the "deaf consumer" aspect of things. thanks a bunch for any help.