what will u do if u were a principal of a school?

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i sell weeds and i create the room where kids could smoke up during time

You for real or you shittin around. I saw one teach smoking weed in the forest (the school was very close to the forest) on my pe time. When I got class with him he let us do what we want.
My ultimate goal.. if I was a princpal at a school.. espesically a deaf one. If I was a princpal at a deaf school, I would improve the standards for the deaf people, try and get the standard up to as any hearing person, because.. honestly, ANY DEAF PERSON can do ANYTHING that a hearing person can do... right?
Correct me if I'm wrong. Seriously, I myself am profound, and right now Im ahead in my reading level, etc etc.. but still.. I think anyone can do what they put their minds on. :)