What are you thinking about? Part VIII

still watching my fave show smallville, just got done cleaning my bird cage... now I want something sweet :p
About my vacation schedule I turned in at work today... hopefully I'll have good vacations to come this year including a road trip. :)
why do I have to get up so dang gum early for work? Meh, I hope this day is an easy day :D
Thinking of being nice to roosters this week by not waking them so dang early. ;)
Im thinking that nearly all my clothes have dog hair on them and I don't mind or try to hide it.
My dental work was done today. Now I am officially a toothless old fart.
'Course, the new dentures are a big help. :)
I could swear they have a new car smell.
Thinking that what I will think today will change every hour. Lol
thinking I could use a drink to help me sleep tonight :D

C’mon over! :razz:

awww, thanks, i just woke up, gotta get ready for work, thinking, i could use this day off right now :/ starts to boo hoo
If I drink that where I work, I would never be able to get my job done as I am an Inspectress at a Hotel. buwa ha haha
Thinking how amazed and proud uncle I am. My niece arrived home this afternoon from Reno. She was stuck there since I-80 were closed yesterday due to 2 feet of snow near Lake Tahoe. A car spun out in front of her and crashed into a snowbank and guardrail and was a first responder to give first aid and called 911. The driver and his 7 years old daughter is ok thanks to my niece, she gave first aid to the driver by controlling the bleeding on his leg and calmed the little girl. The ambulance said she helped save him by not letting them move and controlling the bleeding.

It makes me a proud uncle to know a strong minded niece to know exactly what to do and the chivalry exists in some people like her. :)
Excited that I might have all three kids this weekend!! My oldest hasn't been to the new place yet, and the middle one is getting closer to that "I don't want to go" age.

Nice day outside, got in a nice walk and shot some baskets. This is still legal in NC thanks to strong presence of the NBA and NCAA.