What are you thinking about? Part VIII

Thinking...don't mind me just been lurking on here and thought I would log in for the first time in ages!

'Bout time. ;)

Thinking it will be a good week for teeth. Hah.
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Wishing I could stay here a bit longer but I'm flying back home tomorrow.
Thinking of smoothing things out with friends. Getting to be more of a handful than usual.
Pros & cons of health insurance. Sure it's great to have it, but can be a pain when there are billing issues.
I am thinking of HoHDoug today, he would have been 40. I miss him very much and he’s on my mind today.

Happy birthday Doug:beer: Mt Dew!
I currently have TWO ears and only ONE CI. ;) But, hey, if a third ear will help my hearing.... :p

thinking about all the stuff i need to do tomorrow and if i want go out this weekend or just be lazy...decision decisions
Thinking about how I miss the "fun" bickering on here with the "regulars". And those that drifted away.