What are you thinking about? Part VIII

How some people feel the need to be Captain Obvious. Maybe it’s not necessary to post something that everyone KNOWS already.
Spring... going to be a wet week here.
I'm thinking about my medical issue and it already got slightly worse on before my birthday last year. I'm consider about going to elimination or change the medication after last antibiotic therapy went unsuccessful.
Thinking about needing to set up a flight home for next month at the cheapest possible rate. No... no trains not with 2 suitcases and a backpack full of stuff & big laptop... I did that once (before I ever had a laptop). It was a pain to do and I was younger then!

(almost at the halfway point of my 'schoolin')
Thinking ... I wished I had some lemon pepper chicken wings right about now. :dance2:
@ Angel 1989.. I don't mind it. It gives us more light during the day :D i actually prefer spring forward than fall back :D
I am off from work today....YAY, I could use a nap :)
I am thinking of watching the rest of smallville before i take my nap :D
Now into week 5 of coughing. The drugs are breaking up congestion, so the cough has more depth. Yes, it took me over 4 weeks to go to a doctor for a prescription...
Having 2 dogs with a horde of stuffed toys is like having a 2 year old who doesn’t want to clean their own room. :)
I'm thinking... Oh how lucky you guys are!
I wish I could take a nap too. Q.Q

I'm also thinking of getting jelly beans~