What are you doing up this late?

Insomnia's at it. 3 40 am and wide awake whoooo just finished talking to my uncle that is out west.
It's nearly 10pm here...I consider this a late hour for moi, :lol: Am watching 'The Footy Show' -- an Aussie talk show all about FOOTBALL. ;)
Cheri said:
I am up showing my webcamera. :mrgreen: Then I am leaving in the morning to head to West Virgina.

You coming to see me??? :ugh: I better got to clean my house.
Lately, I've been staying up all night. Intead of going to bed at 4 am and getting up at 8 am like I usually do, I've been going to bed at 6 pm and getting up at 10 pm. I guess my sleeping schedule is fucked up enough that I need to push it more further so that I can get it back to my original sleeping schedule. :(